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Imel Pest Control, Inc. has compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you get fast answers to the most common inquiries regarding our products and services. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a service, please contact us today.

Insects & Pest Control – Frequently Asked Questions

Worried about a pest problem in your home or business? Have no fear, Imel is here to provide pest treatments that keep your structure safe from these little buggers. Take advantage of the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, or contact us at (618) 377-9839 for more information or to schedule service!

Questions About Service

A.) While these cases are rare, if there is some problem with your pest control plan or treatments, our company offers a 60-day warranty on service.

A.) Depending on your wishes and the scale of your pest problem, we can provide treatments on a one-time, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Service agreements are fit to your specific needs and involve the treatment and prevention of all pests that threaten your property.

A.) At Imel, we won’t make you sign a contract for service – meaning you can cancel at any time if you’re unsatisfied with the service.

A.) The products that we use are low-odor and environmentally safe. We take pride in using industry-leading products that are dedicated to safety.

A.) Many treatments are straight-forward and require little to no follow up. However, for roach and flea treatments, we provide a two-week follow-up appointment to judge the effectiveness of our services and make adjustments if need be – this service is included in your price.

Questions About Pests

A.) We provide fogging services for infestations of roaches, fleas, and spiders. Call our staff for more details about fogging procedures.

A.) We use the Sentricon Always Active Colony Elimination System to eradicate termites inside and around your home or business. This system involves baiting throughout the property that is monitored monthly by our expert staff. Additionally, after the colony is eliminated, we’ll come back every six months to ensure nothing has returned.

A.) This system involves the use of an active ingredient that has proven most effective for exterminating termites by over 30 independent university studies and 45 published scientific articles. Additionally, Imel is specially trained to ensure proper installation and monitoring of the system for best possible results. Over 2 million structures use Sentricon to keep the pests away due to environmentally-safe termite protection, no liquid treatments or complicated installation, and long-term protection.

A.) For rodent infestations, we offer a variety of treatments that include interior bait traps, exterior bait traps, snap traps, mechanical traps, and glue boards. We use the equipment that best fits the needs of your home and scope of your infestation.

A.) The answer to this questions depends on a few factors including what pests you have, how large the colony or nest is, where it’s located, the location of your home, and many other factors.

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