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Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services for Edwardsville, IL Area

At IMEL Pest Control, we are dedicated to making sure your family is protected in your home. Now, we can help make sure your home is free off harmful viruses and bacteria too! Our team utilizes a professional commercial disinfectant and sanitizer that has an emphasis on virucide, ensuring that 100% of viruses, fungi, and bacteria are deactivated. Our sanitizing application process uses an ultra-low velocity fogger to disperse the proper amount of product that reaches all the cracks and crevices It is a quick procedure that sanitizes and deactivates all viruses in the area. If correct quantities are applied with time to properly dry, our service has the ability to deactivate up to 99.9% of organisms in a best-case scenario. Our germ disinfection service uses a powerful product that is approved by the EPA and has been proven to eliminate microorganisms and disinfect surfaces. Allowing you to be protected from diseases such as:

How Do Our Disinfection Treatments Work?

Our teams sanitizing & disinfection services utilize a product that is a concentrated sanitizer, disinfect, and virucide., This product eliminates a wide array of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Allowing us to make sure that you are safe from the dangerous diseases that they can cause. The product is formulated to work on a variety of hard non-porous surfaces including plastic, metal, glass, stainless steel, and other materials that can commonly be found in homes and businesses. Besides disinfecting, it can also deodorize areas that are affected by odor-causing bacteria. Ensuring that a light citrus scent is left behind instead of an offensive chemical smell. Our team of professionals understands where and how much of our product we should apply, as well as what equipment we should use. We offer our disinfection services either one session, or we can come on a weekly basis, whatever fits your specific needs.
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Will Our Treatments Kill Coronavirus (COVID-19) On A Surface?

The simple answer is yes, our commercial germ disinfection & sanitizing services will eliminate SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus that causes COVID-19. Since the Virus is newer, there are only two categories of products that are known to be effective against COVID-19. The chemical base for our treatment has been labeled specifically for use against both SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 by the EPA.

What All Can Get Disinfected?

Our team strives to help out our local communities whenever possible. Therefore our disinfection & sanitizing services are designed to accommodate all types of facilities and venues, both commercial and residential. We are able to service all types of common areas including laundry rooms, elevators, hallways, and lobbies. Specific objects that we can disinfect include:

Our Protective Measures

To ensure that we are properly protecting our customers and our employees, all of our team members are equipped with personal protective equipment. This includes gloves, a mask, and eyewear which is to be worn during our disinfecting services. All of our equipment is sanitized daily, and we discard all debris once the job is completed. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination. When you choose the professionals at IMEL Pest Control, you can feel confident that you are choosing a company that takes every precaution that we can.

Is Our Disinfectant Treatment Safe?

Our products are safe to use in both residential and commercial spaces, as long as the proper precautions are taken. Our team of train professionals works carefully, ensuring that everyone is cleared from the areas being treated. Once the disinfectant & sanitizing products have dried, which usually takes 20-30 minutes, it is safe to go back inside. You do not even have to rise off anything once the process is done, expect for any food preparation surfaces.

We understand how important it is to keep your family, home, and commercial space pest free. Our team of qualified exterminators is here to make sure the smallest of pests will not cause your family or business any harm.

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