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Alton, IL Pest Control – Brown Recluse Spiders FAQ

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Answers in Alton IL: Brown Recluse Spiders

When it comes to household pests, nothing really makes our skin crawl like an infestation of spiders. When you see a spider inside your home, it’s hard to not imagine them crawling all over you – it’s actually freaking me out as I type this. However, it’s not just spiders you should be afraid of; it’s brown recluse spiders that should really make you anxious. If you notice brown recluse spiders in your home, however, there’s no time to stop and shriek – you should be on the phone with your local pest control specialist to eradicate these eight-legged freaks from your home. But what do they look like? Where would you find them? Read on for the answers you need about these awful arachnids.

Where Do They Live?

This species of spider can live inside or outside of your home. As their name implies, they are a reclusive species but will attack humans when they feel threatened. In the home, they like to hide in dark corners of basements, attics, closets, and other cluttered areas. Outside the home, they build their webs near or on the ground.

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Why Are They So Dangerous?

Well, they have a penchant for semi-automatic weaponry. In all seriousness, the venom released when this spider bites can cause serious medical issues. While there has never been a death documented from a brown recluse, it’s important to treat any Brown Recluse bit with extreme caution.

What If I’m Bitten?

If you’re bitten, you should contact a physician, go to urgent care or visit the emergency room. The bottom line, find someone that can help you. While many symptoms end up being mild and some bits are dry, meaning they produce no symptoms at all, you shouldn’t risk it due to the toxicity of the venom.

Why Are They In My Home?

They’re in your home for the same reason you are. It’s warm, cozy, and there are plenty of places to hide. Be on the lookout for these little guys when you’re cleaning out closets and basements, trying on old clothes, or just generally poking around in a dark place where they could hide.

brown recluse spiders alton il

How Do I Prevent Them?

You can prevent these spiders by not giving them places to hide. They’re not going to build a web in the middle of your living room. Keep clutter to a minimum and be wary of dark spaces.

What Should I Do If I Find One?

One spider is likely not a cause for huge concern. As I stated before, they can be prevented by decluttering your home. However, if you notice a larger problem, get in touch with our staff for treatments that can eliminate and prevent them.

What Do They Look Like?

Brown recluses bare resemblance to many other spiders in color and size. However, you’ll know it’s a brown recluse with a dark violin-shaped marking on its back. Unfortunately, if you’re close enough to see this, there’s a good chance you’ve been bitten.

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