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Commercial Pest Control

Whatever your industry, your place of business and your employees deserve a workplace that’s free of disease-carrying pests. Imel is your commercial pest control specialists.

Whether you work in an office, barn, or garage, Imel understands the specific needs of each workplace as it pertains to pests and insects. We’ll use various treatments to deal with those problems and create a safe and comfortable workplace that’s free of bugs and insects. We provide commercial pest control services for a variety of different commercial spaces. We can assist small local areas as well as larger spaces. Like our residential services, we will spray all interior and exterior areas that are susceptible to insect infestation, so you won’t have to worry.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Include:

commercial pest control bethalto il

For commercial retailers, pest control is vital to protect real inventory, as well as the health of staff and customers.

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Keep the environment at your office pest-free with monthly treatments from Imel. We treat for a variety of pests to keep your office clean as can be.

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Protect your restaurant from the threat of pests. Pest problems pose a serious threat to the health of cooks, serving staff, and even patrons.

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In order to help prevent damage and alleviate issues caused by pests, we provide various treatments for industrial buildings that protect against pesky pests.

School and Government Buildings

Whether it’s a schoolhouse or city hall, nobody should have to dodge bugs in a public building. Imel offers treatments for educational and municipal buildings.

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Cleanliness is vital to helping sick people feel better. Eradicate disease-carrying pests from doctor’s offices, health clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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