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Getting Mice Out of Your Granite City, IL Homes Walls, Air Ducts, or Crawl Space


What is very unfortunate for most homeowners, is that mice are drawn to your cozy, warm, Granite City, IL home. When it comes to mice, there are three reasons why they would come into your home, and not stay outside. Like any person, they love that your home is warm, safe, and always stocked with food. With mice, they will generally use the darkest areas of your homes, such as an air duct, crawl space, or wall cavity, to run around in search of any food that they can find. Mice can also climb walls and even slip through holes the size of a nickel. Unfortunately with knowing all of this, there really is no stopping them if they do go undetected.

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If this freaks you out, the following article will cover the steps you must take when there is evidence of mice in your home, including what to do when you do find mice in your home, and how to get rid of them. Continue reading if you want to know the ways to feel safe in your home, and not worry about these pests running around while you’re sleeping at night.

Evidence of Infestation

There can be a couple of signs that you do in fact have mice in your home before you see one crawling around. If holes have appeared in food bags that you’ve left on the counter overnight, this could be the first sight that you have adopted a new family of mice. Have you ever heard sounds coming from your walls or under your floors as your getting ready to fall asleep? This could also be the sound of mice. Another clear call that there are definitely mice running around your home is that you see their droppings. These will look like little dark seeds. If you see these all around, or even clusters of droppings, this means that you in fact have a mouse in your home.

Getting Rid of Mice

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If you have found a mouse in your house, it’s easy to say don’t panic then it is to actually not panic. This can be a very uncomfortable problem that most homeowners pray that they never have to experience. It is important however to isolate the very root of the problem. Make sure that you seal off any entryways and prevent them from spreading any further. Something that you can also do is set traps. Setting these traps in air ducts, crawl spaces, or in your walls can help catch them. The best thing that you can do is call IMEL Pest Control to help you get rid of the problem. They will find the mice and help you by making sure they won’t enter your home again.

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