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Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment

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How Do You Eliminate Bed Bugs from Your Home?

We’ve all joked with someone at bedtime at some point in our lives, telling them, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” However, a bed bug infestation is no laughing matter. These insects are drawn into our homes due to their taste for human blood. They’ve earned their name by preferring to live in soft furnishings such as beds, but they can be found in other pieces of furniture and even clothing. While the thought of these insects drinking our blood is off-putting, there is very little risk of illness or disease. Typically, these bites cause skin irritation as an allergic response to their saliva – although that doesn’t mean we should allow their existence in our homes. If you suspect these pests are taking up residence in your furniture, contact the exterminators at Imel Pest Control!

Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs:

  • In order to thrive and survive, bed bugs must feed at least once every 14 days, but it can survive for several months on one feeding alone
  • Female bed bugs can lay 1-3 eggs daily
  • Besides homes, they have been known to be found in offices, stores, hotels, gyms, and more
  • While they cannot travel long distances on their own, they often spread by hitching rides on objects such as furniture, bedding, boxes, and clothing
  • 3/16 to ¼ inch long – nearly the size of an apple seed
  • Can be white, light tan to deep brown, or burnt orange in color
  • Bed bugs are mostly active at night but can seek a host at any time if hungry
  • They produce a musty but sweet odor
  • While they can feed on any warm-blooded animals, they prefer the blood of humans
  • Usually, they are found within eight feet of where humans rest but aside from bedding can be found in curtains, under carpet, in piles of clothing, and in cracks in walls and flooring
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Child With Bed Bug Bites

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Bed Bug Life Cycle

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Bed Bug Eggs on Wooden Bed Frame

Our Expert Bed Bug Treatment Includes:

  • Hepa Vacuum – One of the first orders of business involves the removal of the visible signs of bed bugs. Our team offers thorough vacuuming services to remove surface bed bugs and their exoskeletons.
  • Encasements – Mattress and box spring encasements can prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed in the future. Imel experts offer encasement installation to help keep you safe for years to come!
  • Dust Application – Our team also applies a bed bug dust in the cracks and crevices in the baseboards that helps prevent the pests from moving between rooms through an all-natural, non-toxic barrier.
  • Chemical Treatment – Bed bugs tend to retreat into the cracks and crevices in your baseboards which make these locations perfect for insecticides. In combination with our other treatment steps, this marks the final blow in ridding your home of these insects.

Imel Pest Control is committed to eliminating these pests from your home and our methods are not limited to those listed above. We provide 4 treatments over a two-month timeframe to ensure the complete extermination of these nuisances. In addition to treating the bed and room, homeowners can kill bed bugs and their eggs that may be residing in clothing through simply utilizing their home’s clothes dryer. A high heat cycle of 45 minutes is enough to completely wipe them out. However, heating rooms simply causes the bed bugs to retract into the walls and baseboards which is why the proper application of pesticides in those spaces is required.

For more information on our bed bug inspection and treatment services, contact the courteous staff at Imel Pest Control!

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