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How To Prevent Creepy Insects This Halloween in Godfrey, IL

fall insects godfrey il

They creep, they crawl, and they even glide and slide across the floor. No, we’re not talking about a 1950s horror movie based on a gelatinous monster. We are talking about fall pests. Right around Halloween, when things are scary enough, you don’t need an additional fright with the presence of a creepy crawly. Learn about the habits of Godfrey, IL pests during the spookiest season of the year.

Fall Insects in Illinois

fall insect in godfrey illinois

Some insects and critters can be found throughout the year in Godfrey, IL, but the fall season tends to bring more of them out. You should be particularly aware of the following critters:
Cockroaches. Between school being back in session and parties kicking off for the holiday season, cockroaches have plenty to chew on and not much reason to leave your home. Keep an eye out for cockroach droppings as this will usually be the first sign these pests have infiltrated your home.
Rodents. The fall season beckons the rodent population to start hiding indoors for the winter, and your home is likely the first place they’ll consider. If you have dark spaces and an available water supply, your home is the perfect place for a rodent infestation to occur.
Silverfish. Fall is the perfect time to make use of that fresh, cool air. But, the added humidity within your home creates the perfect environment for silverfish, which love the humidity. An infestation of these pests can result in damage to clothing, books, and wallpaper.

Professional Insect Control

You’ll have enough fake spiders and critters decorating your home that you don’t need real ones mixed in. Get a jump start on fall pest control and prevent the need for emergency pest removal when you work with professional exterminators in Godfrey, IL. Imel Pest Control offers rapid pest removal, effective pest control, and a 60-day warranty on all services to keep your home pest-free.

Get Pest Removal & Extermination Services Today

Whether you’re planning an all-out Halloween bash or simply handing out candy, you want your special effects and props to scare your guests — not the critters. Get a free, on-site inspection today to make sure your home is pest-free in time for the real spooks to come out. Contact Imel Pest Control today at (618) 377-9839 to schedule a visit with one of our professional exterminators.

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