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The Difference Between Asian Lady Beetles and Ladybugs in Belleville, IL

asian lady beetles Belleville, IL
diffrence between asian lady beetles and lady bugs

Out of the pests that you might be familiar with, you might know what a ladybug looks like. You might even know about the similar-looking Asian lady beetle. These insects will pose as harmless ladybugs in order to wreak havoc in your garden or in your home in Belleville, IL. You can end up having to deal with these covert insects around the spring and fall. There are ways you can tell the difference between the two, and knowing the difference plays a big part in effectively driving them away from your home while leaving the good insects in. Here is what you need to know.

What Are Asian Lady Beetles

Despite looking similar, Asian beetles and ladybugs are not the same. They may belong to the same family of insects, however, they behave very differently. Ladybugs are seen as highly beneficial insects when they are not in your home. They will not bite you, they will eat several pests that can ruin your garden in Belleville, IL, and they tend not to stay in large groups. They will also look for shelter outdoors when it gets cold outside rather than indoors. Asian lady beetles are the polar opposite. These pests will congregate in large numbers around warm surfaces such as windows. While they do not technically bite, they can scrap the skin when they land on you. They also secrete a foul-smelling liquid when they gather. Also, unlike ladybugs, they will seek shelter from the winter in homes.

asian lady beetle infection Belleville, IL

How To Tell The Difference

It is important to know the difference between these two insects as you would not want to scare away ladybugs as they can be beneficial for your garden and yard. While ladybugs will be a red, Asian lady beetles’ color can vary from red or orange. These beetles are also much large than the ladybugs they are mistaken for. While ladybugs will be an oval shape around, Asian lady beetles will be longer. If you notice that the insect lacks the black spots, it is definitely an Asian beetle. Unlike ladybugs, Asian lady beetles might not have spots on their back. Also, take a look for a distinctive white M-shaped black marking on the usually white heads.

If you have any more questions about Asian lady beetles or need assistance removing them from your home in Belleville, IL, give our team of extermination experts at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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