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Have a Mouse Run Across Your Floor? Is It Just One or an Infestation?

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Inspection, treatment and prevention are the steps to take to get your rodent problems under control. It can be frightening – seeing a mouse scurry out of the corner of your eye or finding a rat scouring your cupboard. At Imel Pest Control, Inc., we know the dangers and problems associated with mice, rats, and other rodent infestations. While seemingly harmless, these pests leave behind droppings and may carry disease, which poses a threat to you, your family, and anyone else inside your home. Additionally, when you see a rodent in your home, it’s likely that it isn’t the only one around. Rodents live in colonies, and they reproduce very quickly – if something knows how to get in your home, you could have a big problem on your hands, and fast. These flexible creatures, whether it be mice or rats, can fit themselves into tiny spaces that make entering your home a snap. Once inside, they can build nests inside walls, air ducts, and other tiny crevices.

Furthermore, we provide various treatments to exterminate mice and rats. Trapping involves the use of mechanical traps, traditional snap traps or glue boards depending on what’s best for your home. Also, we utilize baiting techniques that use rodenticides placed by access points and feeding areas in the home. Let Imel provide inspection, trapping and baiting to weed out these pests and keep your family safe.

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How Do You Rid Yourself of Rats or Mice?

To achieve a rodent-free home or office, you must follow two important steps. The first step is to remove the current population of mice and rats that are occupying your living space. Once completed, you must focus on step two, prevention. In this second step, you eliminate any potential entrances that the mice and rats could find into your living or office space. If you do not prevent more rodents from entering your building, then you will have to continue to bait and trap them, never completely eliminating the problem; prevention is the key. Imel Pest control is here to help you rid your home or office of mice and rats and to keep it rodent-free.

Rodent Proofing

When Imel Pest Control receives a service call, we send an expert out to your home or place of business to perform a thorough inspection. Our specialist will examine both inside and outside of the property to discover how the rodents are getting in. After the inspection process, our technician will share recommendations with you to help solve your rodent entry problem. The solution may be as simple as installing a new door sweep on the bottom of your door, but you may also need to patch up a hole in the wall or fill it with concrete. With years of effectively handling rat and mice infestation, Imel Pest Control is here to solve your pest problem.

Tips to Avoid Mice & Rats

  • Do Not Leave Any Food (Pet or Human) Out at Night
  • Don’t Stack Firewood, Building Materials or Other Possible Shelters Next to Your Home or Business
  • Trim Vegetation That Grows Up Against or Around Your Home or Business
  • Do an Inspection and Seal Any Obvious Points of Entry (Cracks, Crevices, Holes, etc.)
  • Ensure Lids and Doors to Trash Areas Are Snug-Fitting and Always Kept Closed

Contact Us for a Free Rodent Inspection

We will provide you with a customized rodent treatment plan and price estimate at no extra cost.

Call Imel Pest Control, Inc. for scheduled periodic visits or a one-time service.

We will inspect your buildings and your entire property, install traps, exterminate existing mice or rats, and STOP any future infestations by rodent-proofing your home or business.
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