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What Attracts Crickets to Your Jerseyville, IL Home & How to Get Rid Of Them

House Crickets

Everyone is familiar with the late-night chirp chirp of a cricket. This is caused by a male cricket declaring its love to a female which is produced by the friction of their upper wings when they rub them together. Some people may find the meaning behind the noise sweet, however, the noise gets old really fast. House crickets are a common best in the Jerseyville, IL area and we at Imel Pest Control would like to tell you more about these annoying pests.

house crickets

How to Spot House Crickets

These creatures are identifiable by the three dark bands across their heads and their light brown bodies. They have large black legs, wings, and a pair of long antennae. These insects can reach about ¾ of an inch in length. The baby crickets which are also called Nymphs, are similar in appearance to the adult crickets but are wingless.

The Loud Noises of House Crickets

House Crickets do well in warm and moist environments. If they invade your home, you can find them near kitchens, fireplaces, and heaters. Outside of your home, they typically are in woodpiles and mulch, however, they can be found in many areas around your home. They typically use escaping into your home as a way to avoid predators and extreme weather conditions. When they take refuge, they can become annoying to homeowners because they create a loud and continuous chirping sound, that is heard especially at night. This is because crickets are known to be active during the nighttime. The noise they emit is known as chirping, and it is when male crickets produce a series of two or three short, high-pitched sounds.

Another fact about crickets is that they are attracted to fabrics like leather, cotton, silk, and wool. They will start to feed on these fabrics which will show an unraveled appearance. Besides fabrics, house crickets are known for dining on pet food, fruit, and vegetables. However, when these pests are outside the home, they are commonly found in fields feasting on plant matter and dead insects.

Cricket Eggs-How Long till They Hatch?

As previously mentioned, male crickets chirp songs to seduce their mates. This occurs, and then female crickets find a moist area or damp soil to lay around 100 eggs. It takes around one to two weeks for the crickets to hatch. After they have hatched, the nymphs will emerge in the spring months and take around 2 to 3 months to mature. These pests are found hiding in the different warm areas inside of your home, and yard. If you hear their chirping or suspect that your home has crickets, check the trash bin area as well as places with upholstered furniture, this is where these insects migrate to.

house crickets

House Cricket Pest Control

These pests originated from Asia, and first entered the United States in fishing and pet stores. The entire country has these pests, and they try to make their homes in houses across the country. Homeowners can reduce cricket infestations by ventilating moist areas. Also, vacuuming on a routine basis can help eliminate cricket eggs and adult crickets. If you feel as though this is not helping, contact the professionals at IMEL Pest Control today. We can help homeowners in eliminating these annoying pests, once and for all.

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