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Spider Infestation Signs

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Spiders are one of the most feared and unwelcomed insects. Although they are feared, not all of them cause a threat. However, if you are experiencing a spider infestation you need to leave it to a professional to take care of things. Here are the most common house spiders to look out for:

Parasteatoda tepidariorum is the most common house spider. You may also see brown recluse and black widow spiders from time to time. If you happen to see those you need to seek a pest control specialist right away. Unlike parasteatoda tepidariorum spiders, brown recluse and black widow spiders are lore more dangerous and if you are bitten, you may result in you needing medical attention. If you are experiencing spider issues, please call our team right away.

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Staying Safe & Spider Pest Control

Most spiders can be safely ignored, but if you start to nice that the spiders in your home are brown recluse or black widow species, it’s time to call in the exterminators at IMEL Pest Control. We offer a variety of spider treatments for your home or commercial space.

In the meantime, take these tips into consideration to help future infestations:

  • Keep Your Yard Clear of Firewood and Piles of Debris.
  • Keep Your Home Clean and Cracks Sealed.
  • Keep Clothes Off the Floor to Prevent Spiders From Hiding in Them.
  • Shake Your Clothing When Picking It Up.
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