One of the most popular calls that exterminators will get from homeowners during the summertime is them seeing Yellow Jackets outside of their homes. One thing that our team knows that these homeowners may not be is that they are most likely not seeing a Yellow Jacket, but are in fact spotting a Cicada Killer. Many do not know the difference, or even of the Cicada Killer. Since they can be quite aggressive, someone’s natural thought would be that they are seeing a yellow jacket. Continue reading along to understand the difference, as well as knowing how to prevent them from attacking, and swarming your homes.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

When it comes to the yellow jacket, these bugs are likely to be 10 to 16 mm in their length. They are typically black and yellow (hence their name) but they can also be colored as white and black. When it comes to their body, their waist is thin and very defined, unlike a honey bee. Their wings are also elongated and can be as long as their body. They will also be folded when they are resting. These insects are known to be quite aggressive but do not sting quickly. Their sting is quite painful and they are capable of delivering multiple stings. Since they are equipped with lance-like stingers, they are capable of stinging repeatedly.

They will mostly enter yards because they will smell food or other types of attractants. Meats and sweets will often attract these different pests. Open waste cans and outdoor eating areas are also a positive invitation to them.

Cicada Killers

yellow jackets

These mild-mannered bugs are active during the summer times across the midwest. These pests are large wasps that are approximately two inches in length. They are usually black or a dark brown with colorful yellow markings on their abdomen. Their wings are also a very pretty amber color. With this coloration in mind, no wonder something of them as a yellow jacket.

Such as the yellow jacket, however, these bugs are known to swarm outside homes and are attracted to the smell of food. Again, having open trash cans or grills open during the summertime can be a way for them to sneak up on you. Just like the yellow jackets, these insects do sting.

Preventing Them

To prevent these bugs, please make sure to cover all areas with food. Also, sealing up holes on your deck, or any other open areas to your home. If you are still seeing these bugs or noticed them appearing outside, do not panic. Call our team at IMEL for an appointment, and our trusted team will be there right away to get the job done.