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Worst Spring Insects in the Collinsville Area

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Worst Spring Insects in the Collinsville Area

Spring brings out some of the worst insects in Collinsville, IL in droves. Standing water from rain showers paired with the humidity creates the perfect environment for many pests to thrive. By knowing how to eliminate insect populations on your property, you can avoid the damaging effects they cause to your home and its occupants each season.

Some of the worst spring insects in the Collinsville, IL area include:

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  • Spiders. Repair any holes you have in the screens that make up your porch, windows, and doors. That way, spiders aren’t tempted to enter your home. Seal cracks with caulking and closes any gaps you find in outdoor spaces located on your property.
  • Ticks. By keeping tree and bush overgrowth under control, you remove the housing required by ticks to remain undetected. Routinely checking your children and pets for pests helps you prevent tick-related illnesses. If you do find one on the body of your kid, dog, or cat remove it right away and treat the area involved by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting it.
  • Fleas. Having the yard treated for the blood-sucking pests keeps them off of your pets and out of your home. Although it’s costly at first, the money you save on vet bills outweighs the expense immediately. It’s one of the best ways to keep fleas from taking over a residence.
  • Ants. Destroying ant nests when you encounter them outdoors forces the colony to move elsewhere to survive. By keeping food and beverage items locked away in food-safe containers, you avoid much of the hassle that comes with ant infestations. You may see only an ant or two after having the problem treated a few times by a professional exterminator.
  • Termites. This pest is attracted to wet, rotting wood. If you have a log pile that has gotten wet or have tree limbs that are soft to the touch, you’re basically throwing a welcome party for termites. Do your part to remove the moist environment in which the insects thrive by getting rid of fallen branches and soggy lumber.

Hiring professional pest control to handle spring insects for you has distinct advantages. If you’ve been tasked with the job of trying to get rid of flies or ants in the past and failed miserably, you know the value of working with a contractor to get the job done right. Even though there is an expense involved in hiring a pest control company to treat your property, you know that it’s the right option for you because of the time and money it saves you.

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