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Winter Pests to Watch Out For in Your O’Fallon, IL Home?

winter pests control o'fallon il

What Winter Pets Call O’Fallon, IL Their Home?

Watch Out for These Pests This Winter!

Finding a pest indoors is a nightmare scenario for some. Furthermore, some people believe that during winter, they’re safe from pests. However, this is not true. Some pests even prefer the winter months indoors because they don’t hibernate like some insect species. Unfortunately, you still may need pest treatments, even when there’s snow on the ground. Take a look at the following pests that could still be active in this area, even after the last leaf falls!


Two pests that love to take refuge inside warm homes are mice and rats. Rodents have long, flexible bodies that can fit underneath doors, in between walls, in your HVAC system, and almost anywhere else. Furthermore, they sneak out at night to feed on crumbs and other food they can get to. Fortunately, you can prevent mice and rats by cleaning up after yourself – give them nothing to eat and nowhere to stay!

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The roach is another insect that you may find seeking a warm, dry area inside of your home. There are many species of roaches, but not all of them like the same conditions. You may find roaches in your pantry, bathroom, around your drains, and other places. Call a pest professional if you have an infestation.

Bed Bugs

Considering they live most of their lives inside of homes, bed bugs can thrive in winter conditions. Additionally, you may carry them from a hotel to your home without ever even noticing it. Make sure to check your bed and hotel room carefully for bed bugs, and make sure you get any problems taken care of right away!

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Spiders love to spend the winter in attics and basements where they can get away from the cold, damp conditions. This means be careful when sticking your nose into dark, hidden places where spiders like to hang out. You may get more than you bargained for!

Pest problems? Call Imel for a home that’s pest-free for the holidays!

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