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Why Insects are Attracted to Your Home in Maryville IL

why insects are attracted to your home in maryville il

Why Insects are Attracted to Your Home

Rodents and insects are more like humans and are attracted to homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Regardless of where you live, pests will find their way to your house once they get an assurance that you will supply their basic needs. Even after cleaning and keeping your Maryville, IL house in order, here are a few things that might be attractive to insects that you should know.

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Moisture in the House

During the drought season, insects will get in your house since it is moist compared to the harsh weather outside. When you have leaking pipes, home pests will not stay away from your house. Therefore, apart from ensuring your home is litter fee, rodents, and pests will always find their way inside. The best way to deal with this is to ensure you have your plumbing checked regularly to discourage them from entering your home. Additionally, checking your pipes also discourages property damage to make your home more secure.

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Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes attract insects. The more you pile them on the sink, the merrier it gets for pests. Even with the pest control team on speed dial, if you keep your dishes unclean, you will never get rid of the pests. It is, therefore, essential to put washing dishes on top of your to-do list to keep your home free from bugs.

Spilled Food

During dinner, lunch, or breakfast, it is easy to find spilled food on the table, floor, or kitchen countertops. When these food spills remain unattended, cockroaches, ants, and flies get a direct ticket to your house. The spills serve as a buffet, and these pests cannot restrict themselves from coming to get a share. Additionally, spilled staff in your home also makes it look dirty and unattended. Just as you should clean dishes now and then, it is essential to embrace the character of sweeping and moping more often. Also, make a routine of moving and vacuuming behind the refrigerator and the cooking stove.


You should keep house waste in a closed trash tray to eliminate the possibility of welcoming rodents and pests. Garbage smell serves as a siren call for insects and the more garbage you have, the higher your chances of getting flies, raccoons, and mice in your home.

Controlling pests does not always have to be expensive and complicated. Most of the things that attract pests in your home are the things you can manage comfortably. Keep your home clean and on constant watch for insects by maintaining high hygiene levels.

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