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Why Do We See More Spiders in Belleville, IL in the Fall Months?


The temperature is finally starting to cool down, and you know what that means, the fall season is here! While most of us are enjoying the cool weather and spending some time outdoors, chances are you have encountered a spider or two. Maybe you’ve seen a cobweb in the corner of your kitchen, or you saw a spider crawling up your Belleville, IL home living room wall. Maybe you even walked into a spider web leaving your home in the morning. These pests are seemingly everywhere in the fall, but why is that?


Spiders and the Fall Months

Spiders, like many other creatures, typically hatch during the spring, which allows them to grow over the summer. We tend to notice the grown-up spiders once the fall season begins. Fall is known as the mating season for most types of spiders.  Female spiders are usually the ones we see in webs while males are usually the ones we find roaming around. Most spiders will emerge in the fall in search of a mate so that they can create a web and lay eggs before the cold winter weather sets in. The pests we see roaming around have been in our Belleville, IL home’s walls and other voids all along, and they are just trying to find a new place to lay eggs at.

Besides looking for a place to lay their eggs or to find a mate, these pests are known to move indoors during to winter season. This is to avoid the cold and to find shelter and food during the marsh midwestern winter months.


Preventing These Home Invaders

Now that you understand why these pests invade your home, it’s time to learn how to prevent them. Check out some of our tips on how to prevent spiders from invading your home this fall.

  • Keep your basements/crawl spaces dry. Spiders tend to thrive in damp, dark areas of your home.
  • Keep your home free of unsealed food and crumbs. Crumbs and unsealed food are known to attract all sorts of pests, so to be safe, make sure you have a clean kitchen and that food is put away properly.
  • Remove any web that you may see. This will encourage the spiders to go back into hiding away from you.
  • Kill spiders that you see in your home.
  • Make sure you seal any entry points around your home. This was it helps keep out spiders as well as other insects and pests.
  • Keep outdoor lights off as much as possible. These lights attract insects and spiders, who are in search of food and shelter.

If you discover or suspect your Belleville, IL home has a spider infestation, make sure to call us at IMEL Pest Control. We will send one of our trained exterminators out to make sure these pests are gone from your home!

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