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Who to Eliminate Japanese Beetles in Your Edwardsville, IL Yard

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Japanese Beetles

If you have a garden in your yard in Edwardsville, IL, you should know how annoying it can be to have Japanese beetles in it. They will feed on your garden for around six weeks, destroying your plants. If you have raspberry berry bushes, roses, or any fruit trees, you are even more of a target since these are some of these pests’ favorite things to dine on. Thankfully, there are ways of getting these annoying pests out of your yard. Here we will detail some helpful tips to get Japanese beetles out of your garden and yard.

Eliminating Japanese Beetles

While it may sound gross, the first try and tested true way of dealing with these insects is picking them out of your Edwardsville, IL garden or yard yourself. If you are grossed out by the prospect of having to handle these pests, wear thick gloves. If can try to use traps to catch these insects, however, it is debated that traps will bring more of these pests in and will not be able to catch them all, leaving you to deal with the rest. Pesticides can be a real friend when dealing with these pests. You can also try introducing friendly insects that are the predators of these beetles like nematodes and especially birds.

Repelling These Pests

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One of the most important parts of either getting rid of these beetles or after you do get rid of these beetles is repelling them away. You can use the smell of other dead Japanese beetles to work as a repellent. Place a container with dead beetles in it next to your plants. If you are up for this absolutely disgusting plan, you can make your own dead beetle spray by blending some dead beetles in with some water. This spray will easily keep the beetles away. You can use trap crops to trap the beetles by planting them alongside plants they love. You will just have to hand-pick them out of the trap crops. The most important way to stop any Japanese beetle growth is to simply stop watering your lawn for a time. These beetles will not want to lay their eggs on dry turf.

If you tried any of these methods out and are still having problems dealing with Japanese beetles in your garden or yard in Edwardsville, IL, do not hesitate to give IMEL Pest Control a call today.

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