Which Insects are the Worst in Summer?

The weather and temperature have a considerable impact on insect life cycles and behavior. For residents of Godfrey, IL, a typical summer of hot weather usually calls for fun activities in the sun. However, this fun in the sun is not exclusive to people, as insects often utilize the warm climate to breed. Here is a list of insects that are most prevalent during the summer.


The majority of ant species love warm climates and use the winter to hibernate. Therefore, when the summer months roll in, ants take the opportunity to increase their fat stores with as much food as possible. Ants can eat almost anything, and once an ant has located a food source, the entire army of ants are likely to swarm. You can avoid ant infestations by promptly clearing food away and regularly washing surfaces. However, if the number of ants becomes overwhelming, pest control services can deal with the issue.


Wasps feed on nectar and fallen fruit, both of which are most plentiful during warm weather. During cold months wasps’ food sources are scarce, and the male population dies while the queens hibernate. Therefore, wasps use the summer for breeding new queen wasps. If your Godfrey, IL home is free from wasp nests, you can avoid stings by disposing of food and drinks, and avoiding wearing strong scents.

However, if you suspect there may be a wasp nest on your property, professional pest control services may be necessary to contact.

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Flies are most prevalent during the summer as the air humidity helps them stay active longer and consequently reproduce more frequently. Any areas of uncontrolled moisture in your home, such as condensation or rotting fruit, are likely to attract flies. Keeping your home clean and dry is the most effective way of avoiding flies.

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Spiders are most noticeable during the summer months as they feed on other insects that thrive in the hot weather, such as flies and ants. Spiders are most likely to enter your home during the late summer months as the males leave their websites searching for mates. If you are experiencing issues with spiders, spraying citrus scents in your home can deter the pests from entering.

It is also essential to consider that some species of spiders are poisonous. Professional pest control services are advised in cases where you suspect you are dealing with a poisonous spider.