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What is IGR? Will It Help My Gillespie, IL Home?

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What is IGR? Will It Help My Gillespie, IL Home?

Insect Growth Regulators, or IGRs, are a type of pest control substance that inhibits the life cycle of insects. They do this by mimicking certain hormones that disrupt growth and reproduction.

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What are IGRs Good For?

Insect Growth Regulators do not generally kill individual insects, though they may be combined with other substances that do accomplish this. First, the purpose behind an IGR is to deal with insects on the population level, preventing them from spreading over successive generations.

IGRs are effective in dealing with bug problems related to several common Illinois pests, including ants, cockroaches, and silverfish. A pest control solution that contains IGR might be the right choice for dealing with critters in your Gillespie, IL home.

How Do IGRs Work, Exactly?

IGRs work differently on insects depending on their stage in the life cycle:

  • Larvae are prevented from developing correctly as adults, or may not be able to leave the larval stage at all.
  • Eggs are less likely to hatch; if they do hatch, the resulting young have a lower survival rate.
  • Adults find themselves unable to reproduce or produce eggs that do not hatch.
  • Pupae, like a moth’s cocoon, are less likely to hatch into adult insects.
Using IGRs effectively

How Do I Use IGRs effectively?

First of all, make sure you select the right kind of IGR for the needs of your Gillespie, IL home. Certain IGR products are designed to be most effective against certain types of insects. Make sure you know the exact kind of bug problem you have and choose your IGR accordingly.

Next, make sure to read and follow all label directions on your chosen IGR product. IGRs are generally non-toxic to humans, and these products are designed for use by non-professionals. However, as with any pesticide, using IGRs safely and effectively depends on following the instructions.

It’s also a good idea to try several pest control solutions in combination. When it comes to insect control, a multi-pronged approach is often best; this is especially true in the case of particularly large or persistent infestations.

Finally, don’t be afraid to seek help. If you’ve tried dealing with the problem on your own, and the bugs seem to keep coming back, there’s no shame in seeking out expert exterminators for the professional touch.

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