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What is Attracting Stink Bugs to my Collinsville, Illinois home?

Stink Bugs

One of the most annoying things to face when you are a homeowner, or renter, is the idea of having bugs flying around your area. They are unwanted and oftentimes, unneeded. One of the most common bugs that are found in the Collinsville, IL area is the stink bug. There are different ways to spot these bugs and even some reasons why they may be flocking to your home so rapidly. If you are facing a stink bug problem, take a look at the tips that our team has put together. We have a couple of ways listed for you, to know what is attracting stink bugs to your home, and how to get them out of your area.

stink bugs

Stink Bugs Need Shelter

Just like you and me, stink bugs need a place to cover from. The weather is starting to get cooler, and just like us as people, the last thing that we want to do is sleep outside when it is freezing. This is the same thought process that these bugs have, and they are trying to find their way into your home to make sure that they as well are safe.

One thing to make sure to look out for when dealing with stink bugs during any season is openings in your home. Make sure to keep doors and windows closed during the day and night. Just leaving them open, even for a couple of minutes, can attract these pests. Another thing to look out for is any cracks that may be in your house. Seal these places up as best as you can, so that you and ensure that there is no entryway for them in your home.

They Smell Something

Have you ever walked past a home and smelled cookies that were baking in their oven? If you have, it’s pretty hard to keep on walking. Stink bugs, they don’t have the mannerisms that humans do. Stink bugs let off a smell that alerts other stink bugs that they are in the home. Once they smell the signal sent by these bugs, more will come into your area. This is a hard thing to navigate once this happens since this will signal hundreds of bugs in your area. Be sure to make note of your home, to see if you spot any. Getting rid of them sooner than later is the best bet.

Living Near Nature

stink bugs

One thing that will be negative side effect of living near the woods is knowing that many stink bugs live in the wildlife around you. If this is the case for you, having annual sprays done to your home will save you a lot of trouble. This is also why having your doors and windows open is a no-go, especially if you live in this environment. You may want to consider getting your home sprayed at least twice a year. This way it can help prevent these bugs from finding their way inside of your home.

If you are dealing with these pesky invaders in your Collinsville, IL home, give us at IMEL Pest Control a call today! Our team of experts is here to help you get rid o these stink bugs once and for all!

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