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What Conditions Make Greenville, IL Perfect for Mosquitoes?

Conditions Make Greenville, IL Perfect for Mosquitoes

What Conditions Make Greenville, IL Perfect for Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are insects that belong to the Diptera category, or in layman’s terms the fly category. These insects not only leave red and itchy bites but they can also spread serious diseases such as Malaria. Male mosquitoes typically only live for one week and do not bite, although female mosquitoes can live for up to eight weeks and feed on human blood for the production of new eggs. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 200 eggs at a time that within eight days will develop into fully grown mosquitoes. This rapid life cycle can quickly and easily cause infestations and lead home and business owners in Greenville, IL to seek pest control services.

Hot Weather

Mosquitoes hibernate during the winter but thrive in hot weather. Typically, mosquito season begins when temperatures reach or exceed 50° F. On average in Greenville, IL, temperatures exceed 50° F for an extended period between April and October. These conditions are perfect for mosquitoes to exist, making infestations a common occurrence in the area.

It is also important to know that as the temperature increases, so does the risk of mosquito infestation. This means that mosquitos are most prevalent in the hottest summer months, which in Greenville, IL are July and August. Pest control services are therefore most advisable during these high-risk months.

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Rain Fall and Water

Many types of mosquitos breed and lay their eggs in standing water and some eggs only hatch once the water reaches them. In Greenville, IL approximately 40 inches of rain falls each year, and the months of July and August experience the highest rates of rainfall. These rain showers often leave standing water that can attract mosquitoes.

High temperatures and rainfall in the summer months make the conditions in Greenville, IL perfect for mosquitoes to live and breed in. Therefore, it is important to reduce or eliminate stagnant water left behind by rain showers. Gutters, birdbaths, ponds, pools, and buckets are all examples of areas where standing water can collect in your yard these areas should be monitored and any water should be regularly changed.

If you have a swimming pool, pool covers can collect standing water but mosquitoes usually stay away from well-maintained pools. However, if you do not use your swimming pool for long periods of time they are likely to be drawn to the standing water.

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