If you have a pest control problem in your home in Alton, IL, it is understandable that you might want to keep it to yourself. However, trying to use the do-it-yourself to pest control can put your finances, your home environment, and even your health at risk. Here are some of the key dangers of DIY pest control in Alton, IL.

Health Risks of DIY Pest Control

Many pest control products are irritating or harmful to human airways and skin. Professional pest control exterminators wear protective clothing to avoid coming into contact with the insecticides they use to kill pests. If you carry out pest control yourself, you will need to be very careful when handling the products to avoid experiencing health problems.

Environmental Risks of DIY Pest Control

As well as being harmful to humans, many of the products used in pest removal can also damage to the environment. Pest control companies have policies in place to ensure their products do not enter the local water supply or kill local wildlife. If you decide to handle pest removal yourself, you will need to take similar precautions to protect the environment.

health risks of DIY pest control in alton il

Financial Risks of DIY Pest Control

One of the main risks of DIY pest control is the risk of wasting money on products that fail to solve the problem. When dealing with an infestation of fleas, for example, it is not good enough to simply kill all the insects currently in your home. You also need to get rid of the eggs. If you leave eggs in your carpet or in the cracks between the walls and the floor, you will be facing another infestation in a couple of weeks. A professional pest control company can take steps to eradicate not only the current infestation of pests, but also any eggs they may have left in your home. This will prevent the pests from returning.

If you are currently struggling with pests in your home in Alton, IL, do not hesitate to contact a pest control company. IMEL Pest Control can quickly identify your pest problem and administer an appropriate treatment that safely ends the infestation.