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Watch for these winter pests at your Edwardsville, IL home or business

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Common Winter Pests in the Edwardsville, IL Area

When it comes to the winter season, we look forward to snuggling by the fire, enjoying the holiday season, and even some snow days – if you’re lucky enough to be a child still. However, one thing we do not look forward to is the pests who seek to find shelter in our homes when it gets cold outside. Unfortunately, insects and animals like to be warm too, and they’d love to find a winter home inside your walls, basement, or even your kitchen cupboard. Here are the top pests you should look out for this winter, and how to avoid them.

Mice & Rats

These furry little creatures may look cute, but they make plenty of people scream in terror when they infiltrate their homes. Additionally, they have the ability to fit in small spaces and make nests throughout your home including inside your walls and HVAC ducts. To prevent these creatures be sure to clean and never leave any food laying out that could attract them. Furthermore, remove piles of logs, brush, or rubbish from the side of your home that may attract them.


A roach may not find its way into your home by itself, however, they do like to hitch rides anyway they can get them. Be sure you know what’s coming into your home and squash any roaches you see before they can lay their eggs. However, if you notice this problem, it may already be too late. Cockroaches can spread bacteria and disease on food and surfaces that they touch. Be sure you have the number of a trusted pest control company to eliminate this threat!

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Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are more prevalent in the spring and summer months. However, even bugs need a place to take a long winter’s nap and lay eggs for the next season. If you’re facing an infestation of stink bugs, it’s best to call a professional. Squashing them will only emit a nasty smell that lingers around.

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Count spiders as another creature that likes to take refuge in a warm comfy home for the winter months. More importantly, brown recluse spiders have a dangerous bite that could even be fatal. While these spiders usually hide from humans in dark corners, you may come into contact with one when you’re cleaning out a closet. Protect yourself with pest control treatments.

In the Edwardsville, IL Area, there’s no doubt that Imel is the one to call for all your needs. Don’t live in a home infested by pests – call Imel for the treatments you need!

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