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Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Your Greenville, IL Home

termite infestation warning signs Greenville, IL
Greenville, IL termite infestation

As a Greenville, IL homeowner, you understand the importance of safeguarding your property from various threats. While some issues are immediately visible, others like termite infestations can go unnoticed until significant damage has already occurred. Termites are notorious for silently destroying the wooden structures in homes, making it crucial to recognize the signs of termite activity early on. In this blog, we’ll explore some common indicators that may suggest termite presence around your property.

Mud Tubes

One of the most recognizable signs of termite activity is the presence of mud tubes. Subterranean termites create these narrow, brownish tubes to protect themselves as they travel between their underground nests and their food source, which is often your home’s wooden structures.

Discarded Wings

During the swarming season, you may find discarded wings near doors and windowsills. Termites shed their wings after mating, so these discarded wings can be an early indication of termite activity.

Hollow-Sounding Wood

Tap on wooden surfaces in your Greenville, IL home, such as walls or floors. If the wood sounds hollow, it could be a sign of termite damage. Termites eat wood from the inside out, leaving behind only a thin layer of wood.

Tunnels in Wood

Inspect wooden structures for tunnels or galleries. Termites create intricate tunnels as they eat through the wood. These tunnels may be difficult to spot with the naked eye, so use a flashlight for a thorough examination.

Blistered or Warped Paint

Termites produce moisture as a byproduct of their feeding process. This excess moisture can cause paint on wooden surfaces to blister or warp. Keep an eye out for these signs, especially around windows and doors.

Presence of Swarmers

Swarming termites are reproductive adults that emerge from the colony to establish new ones. Seeing swarmers inside your home or around it is a strong indicator of an active termite infestation.

Termite Galleries

Termite galleries, or tunnels, can often be found on the surface of wood. These are pathways these pests use to travel to and from their food source.

Discolored or Damaged Wood

Keep an eye out for wood that appears discolored or appears to be deteriorating. Wood damaged by termites often takes on a darker or water-damaged appearance.

wood termite damage Greenville, IL

Peeling Wallpaper or Paint

Moisture from termite activity can cause wallpaper or paint to peel or bubble. If you notice these signs, investigate the underlying wood for termite damage.

These are not the only signs you have a termite infestation. If you want to learn some more indicators or are looking for a pest control company who can rid your Greenville, IL home of termites, call IMEL Pest Control today!

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