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Ticks 101 in Granite City, Illinois


Different Types of Ticks in Granite City, IL?

The Weather is getting warmer and we are more than thrilled. This means BBQs, longer days, swimming in pools, but also seeing different pests come back out to play. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones ready to get out into the beautiful weather after those long nights of winter. During these warmer months, ticks are out in full capacity and can pose different health risks to not only you and your family but your furry friends as well. These pests can spread diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

If you are unsure about ticks or weren’t aware that they could cause the harm that they do, here are some different tips for spotting them, preventing bites, and knowing how to get rid of them.

Hard vs Soft Ticks

Something that is commonly addressed with tick sighting is whether the insect is hard or soft. When looking at a “hard” tick. You would see what looks like a plate on their back. This is called their scutum. They are also seen with different mouthparts that are visible even from above. When it comes to a soft tick, they have more of a wrinkled body and do not have a scutum. They also do not show a visible mouth part.

American Dog Ticks

American Dog Ticks

Known as the most common hard tick in the Midwest area, they are named after the constant sightings on dogs. These specific ticks are seen only throughout North America. The American Dog Tick can carry disease, specifically, Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Like many ticks, they are mostly seen during spring and early summer. They preferer grassy areas where they can latch onto pets. Be cautious with these ticks because they can be transferred from your dog to yourself or family members. They are also very resilient.

Brown Dog Ticks

Another commonly seen tick that latches onto dogs is the Brown Dog Tick. They are also named after their preferred victim. These specific insects are hard and survive best in warm, dry conditions. As the name states, Brown Dog Ticks are brown in color but can also form into a gray or blue when full. These ticks once latched onto dogs will be seen either commonly in their ears or between their tones. They can also carry Rocky Mountain Fever or Babesia.

Blacklegged Deer Ticks

Named for their black legs, these ticks are found all over the Midwest. The Deer tick is again hard. These specific ticks will carry most of the diseases such as Lyme Disease, anaplasmosis, human babesiosis, and more. They are commonly found in grass or shrubs as they wait for their next victim. Commonly, they latch onto outdoor creatures such as skunks, raccoons, and rodents. They are also known to latch onto humans. They love long hair and will crawl mostly up the back of one’s neck.

deer ticks

Tick Prevention

After knowing some of the most common ticks in the Granite City and Midwest area, there are different ways to prevent them from spreading or even hosting. Wearing long pants and closed-toed shoes while outdoors can be crucial. Especially if you are in wooded areas. There are also many different repellants that you can purchase to wear if being outside. Make sure you are always keeping your grass cut and removing any weeds.

If you have already experienced a tick infestation in your home, do not panic. Call our trusted specialists here at IMEL today and we’ll get the job done.

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