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The Overall Cost of Ant Extermination in Glen Carbon, IL

Ant Extermination
Ant Infestation

Having ants in your home in Glen Carbon, IL can be a problem. They can not only be annoying by stealing your food and getting into your garbage, but some species of ants can also cause extensive amounts of damage to your home that will be expensive to repair. Some ants can even bite which is painful and can cause allergic reactions or infections that will need immediate medical treatment. Many homeowners also fear having to pay for the extermination of the ants in their homes as it can be an expensive service. Here we want to give you a price guide so you will know what you are paying for with your ant extermination service.

The Average Cost of Ant Extermination

With how many factors go into the process of exterminating ants, there is no universal price point for ant extermination services. You can expect to spend around the $80 to $500 range with an average cost of $150. There are many reasons why the price will drive up, this all breaks down to the specific treatments being used to eliminate the ants as well as the species of ants themselves.

Cost of More Area

Ant extermination services can go up in price the larger the area that you wish to treat. If you are only expecting to treat a smaller area of your home, you will be paying less than treating your entire home. A few thousand square feet can cost you hundreds of more dollars.

The Types of Ants

One of the big reasons why the price for the extermination of ants in your Glen Carbon, IL home can be so high is the species of ants that are causing you problems. Many different ant species require their own separate treatments, which can be more expensive than others.

Considering DIY Ant Removal Treatments

If you observe the problem to not be of extreme severity, you may try some DIY options. Many stores carry products from removing the ants away from your home. You can buy baits and gels to attract the ants from your home for as little as $10.

Pest Removal

Avoiding Future Infestations

Ant extermination can be expensive, so it is important that once you have had the ants exterminated or removed from your home you take action to prevent future infestations. Put away food and beverages when they are not being used. Keep your floors vacuumed and swept regularly. Avoid leaving out dirty dishes in your sink. Also, be sure to have the exposed cracks in your home sealed off.

If you are looking for a reputable pest extermination company to help you eliminate the ants from your Glen Carbon, IL home, give our team of professional exterminators at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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