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The Differences Between Termites and Wood Rot in Your Edwardsville, IL Home


Both termites and wood rot could be very determinate when it comes to structural damage in your Edwardsville, IL home. Both causes of wood decay have similar-looking effects, since this is the case, it can be difficult to tell the two apart and know what the exact problem is. Knowing what problem you are actually dealing with is critical to make sure that you resolve it properly. If you are wanting to know these differences to make sure that you can spot the differences on your own, then continue reading on.

Wood Rot

Wood Rot

The common type of wood rot that you may encounter and what’s often confused with termite damage is dry rot. This dry rot is caused by fungi that attack wood and destroys the interior structure, hollowing it out from the inside. Despite its name, dry rot does require moisture to start decaying, and then fungi will carry water to the interior of wooden structures. This can cause severe damage to your Edwardsville, IL home. If you believe that your home has wood rot, you should make sure to get that checked out by a contractor.


Termites are a pretty common insect that wreaks havoc on homes all throughout the United States. These horrible presets live in colonies under the soil and then feed on what is called the cellulose material that is found in plant cells as well as wood. Just like fungi, they eat away the inside of the wood, making it hollow and weak. Crackin foundations and walls will allow termites to access wood, where they chew tunnels inside existing structures.

Spotting the Differences Between Wood Rot & Termites

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When looking at the two, there are differences that you can find. Decaying wood due to wood rot is often spongy and stringy in texture. This will also break off into rigid, cube-like patterns. Pieces of the wood that are not decayed break off in long slivers. With termite damage, wood may appear normal on the outside but they chew through tunnels on the inside of the wood.

With both of these issues, it could be a problem for your home. Termites especially since they can reek problems on most parts of your home once they are inside of the house. If you have experienced termite problems, or think that your wood rot may actually be a problem from termites, please call our trusted team at IMEL Pest Control for the help that you need today!

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