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The Difference Between Wasps and Hornets in Fairview Heights, IL

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Out of all the flying and stinging insects out there around Fairview Heights, IL, two of the most annoying you find are wasps and hornets. These flying insects are known for their short temper, protectiveness, and stinging multiple times, unlike insects like bees which will only sting you once. These insects are very similar to one another, which can make it hard to tell them apart. We will be discussing more about wasps and hornets and their differences.

The Life of Wasps and Hornets

Similar to bees, wasps, and hornets live in colonies that are focused on a queen. The queen has the ability to produce thousands of offspring depending on the quality of her surroundings. The queen is also the only member of the colony that is able to give birth. Wasps and hornets live in smaller colonies for most of the year with their peak being around September before the frost kills them off. The queens will live for around five years, drone males live a little over a month, and the worker females will live for four months. Hornets and Wasps are scavengers who feed off of other insects they find. They both are attracted to areas with other insects, other sweet food, and decaying materials.

Some Differences Between Wasps and Hornets

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As is clear to see, wasps and hornets are very similar types of insects. The main difference between these two is their size. Out of the two, wasps are smaller than hornets. Wasps have black and yellow rings on their body while hornets have black and white rings on theirs. Either way, these insects can be dangerous to have around your property in Fairview Heights, IL. Their stings are painful, they can be territorial and aggressive, and their stings can spark allergies in some people. It is best to keep these pests off of your property. Make sure that you eliminate anything that attracts them such as trash, food, or decaying wood around your property.

If you are having a wasp or hornet problem on your property in Fairview Heights, IL, don’t just do nothing about it. Give our team of expert exterminators over at IMEL Pest Control a call today! Our team has all the training and equipment needed to rid these pests of your property and deter them from returning in the future.

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