Termites are pests that frequently make small, brown tube structures that run along the floors and surfaces of a structure. They tend to almost always be hollow and thin, similar looking to tree branches. These structures are commonly referred to as termite mud tubes. These tubes exist for subterranean termites to keep a protected and easy access to food sources for their colony.

Termite Tubes

These termite tubes are primarily composed of a substance which is a mixture of soil and termite fecal matter. These tubes protect the worker termites from possible predators since the subterranean termite’s colonies are located underground. Some surfaces are tough for termites to walk across, so they use these tubes instead as a way to get across. If you discover any mud tubes around your Carlinville, IL home, this is a confirmation that you have active termites on your property. This doesn’t mean you have an overall infestation; however, it is best to call your local pest control expert to remove these pests.

What Do the Termite Tubes Look Like?

Termite tubes are known to resemble tree branches, minus the leaves of course. These tunnels form when a termite colony finds a wood structure that is suitable for them to feed off of. They then begin constructing a series of tunnels from their colony to the wooden structure. The termite tubes are usually brown in color and are enclosed so that termites have a safe passageway to their food source. Since their food source is wood, it is common to see the exit and entry holes near the end of the tunnels. These would then allow the termites to go out, feast, and then come back to their colony.

Besides the common thinner tubes, there is another type of termite tube that is commonly found. These thicker, stronger tubes are likely where termites take shelter in. Besides these shelter tubes, there are other types of tubes including floor to ceiling tubes, and extra tubes which help flying termites fly for the first time.

Termite Tubes

Mud Tube Removal

There is a debate whether these tubes should be removed if seen around your Carlinville, IL home. These tunnels are seen as a home to the termites; however, these pests are infesting your home. If you knock down a termite mud tube that is still active, it will become harder for pest control experts to identify where their food source is. The active tunnels are the quickest way for professionals to confirm there is an active infestation.

These unwanted pests are known to invade homes across the country, and that includes Carlinville, IL. IF you suspect your home has a termite infestation, or you are curious to know how to prevent one, give us at IMEL Pest Control a call today!