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Termite Infestations in Edwardsville, Illinois

Termite Infestation Edwardsville IL

Do Termites Spread In Edwardsville, Illinois?

One sight that would ruin the day of any homeowner would be upset to see is a termite infestation. Termites are pests that unfortunately can spread throughout homes, and chew away at wooden surfaces throughout it. Fortunately for new homeowners, it is very unlikely for termites to move from one home to the next. With, homes that were built at the same time in the same neighborhood can get an infestation at the same time. For any homeowner in Edwardsville Illinois, knowing certain precautions to help prevent a termite infestation is wise. To know certain precautions on how to prevent these burrowing insects, here is an arrangement of tips to help prevent termites from spreading.

Termite Control Edwardsville IL

Removing Deadwood

One of the best ways to help prevent termite infestations is to remove any dead wood from your home. A commonplace that termites will claim inside the house is any place where they can find deadwood. If you use wood in a fireplace or know of any other areas of your home where you store wood, it is smart to rotate out the old wood for new wood. Doing this can prevent termites more than you would think and could give you peace of mind knowing that there isn’t an infestation.

Keep Wood and Paper Away From Crawl Spaces

Having any possible wood or paper stored near crawl spaces is a termite infestation waiting to happen. The reason for this is that termites can easily find their way to the wood or paper since it is right in front of them. Keep in mind when storing any wood-type objects to check for any crawl spaces or holes around the area that you are planning to use.

Check Your Wooden Fences and Decks for Any Damage Regularly

Keeping a schedule to check your fence and deck outside could prevent termites tremendously. Take a second of your time to go around your fence and deck to check for any termite holds or even deadwood. When you take the time to do this, you can catch termites if they possibly infest these spaces. If you are noticing termite holes while doing these checkups, call our trained exterminators right away.

Keep Your Vents Clean

Cleaning your vents should be added to your cleaning tasks. When having a vent that is clear and open, can prevent any debris that termites can latch on to. If there is debris in your vents of any kind, this can be a perfect place for termites to latch onto. Take this time to clean your vents. It will give you peace of mind not only for preventing termites but also to keep those spaces nice and tidy.

Seal Entry Points Around Pipes

Keeping entry pipes sealed is a perfect way to keep termites from infesting your home. Little areas that termites can crawl into can be simple places that one would not think too much about such as these pipes. Make sure you take the time to seal these since termites will find these small spaces. If you notice that termites have already found these certain openings, please call an exterminator right away.

Termite Control Edwardsville Illinois

Getting Rid of Standing Water

Standing water is any water on your roof that has not drained within a total of 48 hours after it has rained. Making sure to keep an eye on when it rains and if your roof is keeping dry is another way to prevent termite infestation since this is an area they do tend to latch onto.

If you have noticed termites within your room, please call our trained exterminators at IMEL Pest Control!

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