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Are Stink Bugs Hiding in my Edwardsville, IL Home?

Stink Bug

Stink Bugs

stink bug

To many homeowners here in Edwardsville, IL, stink bugs are known to be the most common and annoying of all pests. Thankfully, they don’t pose any health threats to humans, however, they can be a smelly nuisance for most homeowners. Once a stink bug finds its way inside, it can take over the home. During the seasons when the weather starts to appear cooler, stink bugs will spend this time hiding in buildings to stay warm. If you are experiencing these pests this fall season or want to prevent them from crawling inside your cozy area, continue reading on.

Where Can  I Find a Stink Bug?

Inside a home, stink bugs can commonly be found in common places, such as one’s living room. Finding a large amount of stink bugs is the number one sign of infestation. The different piles are typically found in most sunny areas where the stink bugs have crawled to keep themselves warm. If you see these bugs in your living area, there is a good chance that they are hiding in other areas of your home. Once the spring season arrives, they will try and then find their way out of your space.

Preventing Stink Bugs

There are a couple of ways that you can prevent these stink bugs from finding your way into your home. You can seal as many unnecessary holes. Any cracks or chips that are found in your walls are perfect places for a stinkbug to find their way in. Prevent their attraction by sealing up these areas with caulk. You can also use screen vents in different crawl spaces and in your attics. Using screen doors as well for your decks is helpful too. This way, you can keep your doors extra sealed from the outside, preventing even more bugs from coming inside during these cooler seasons.

stink bug

Another tip we recommended is using weather stripping to seal any gaps under exterior doors. Doing any of these tasks can help prevent the sighting of a common stink bug. However, these pests are very tricky to deal with. If you are experiencing them still after taking these steps, our team at IMEL is here to help. Calling us to help with your problems can be a quick fix. We can also show you different tricks and tips to prevent them as well.

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