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Stinging Insects – Watch to Watch Out For In Edwardsville, IL!

Stinging Insects edwardsville il

Summer is the Season for Stinging in Edwardsville, IL.

Let’s face it, the clear blue sky and warm sunny weather are enough to make anyone excited for these long summer nights. While we are all enjoying our ice cream sundaes and after-dinner strolls, different pests will start to show up. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones that like the nice weather. While we go into this warmer season, you should be cautious of these flying insects that could turn your vacation fun into a trip to urgent care; for your convenience, here some helpful hints on these pests and what to look out for a while enjoying your fun in the sun.

Most Common Types of Stinging Insects:

There are many different types of insects that we see throughout the summer seasons. With that in mind, some of these can sting. Most will do this when feeling threatened. Keep an eye out and pay attention to the list we have created for you.

Wasp Edwardsville IL


One of the most common bees that you will see flying from flower to flower is the honeybee. Contrary to popular belief, these bees are the least of your worries. Honeybees are essential to our environmental growth and do so much for our nature that we may never understand. These bees will only sting if they feel as though they are being threatened. If you see one of these fuzzy yellow and dark brown bugs flying around, do not panic. Leave the area so that they can continue their hard-working jobs in peace.

Killer Bees:

The name shouldn’t fool you; these bees are named “killer” for a reason. When they’re provoked, a killer bee will attack in swarms and can cause serious injury to their victim. These certain bees can nest in various areas, so be on the lookout during these warmer months. If you do see them nesting or buzzing around, stay calm and clear the way for them. Walking away rather than swatting them on your own will save you a tremendous amount of stress and even injury.


Wasps take the award for the most tempered of the insects listed. Wasps main objection is to hurt any victims that they see around them. They are commonly seen in many outside areas. If you have a deck, playground, or shutters around your home, you are more than likely to see them lurking around.

How to Not Get Stung:

You can take some exemplary steps if you do see any of these insects flying around or to help your chances of not seeing them at all. Make sure that food is covered and reduce the use of perfumes or colognes. These insects all also look bright, vivid colors that show patterns as well. With these in mind, we also highly advise you to remain as calm as you can. Any flailing motions or screams can cause panic to not only you but these insects. If you are to stay calm and slowly walk from these bugs, they shouldn’t cause you harm.

What If I Am Stung?

Being stung is not a fun situation whatsoever. With whichever insect attacked, remove the stringer and clean the area with soap and cold water. Make sure you are checking your health and symptoms if you may have an allergic reaction. If you notice a swarm of any of these stinging bugs, please let our trusted team know to assist you. IMEL Pest Control’s specialists are here with any insect need you may have!

Bee Sting Edwardsville IL

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