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Spring Pest Prevention: Make Home Impervious to Pests

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Spring Pest Prevention: Make Home Impervious to Pests

Spring comes with warmer temperatures, and that presents a great time to go out and about. On a somewhat concerning note, the moderate conditions offer insects and bugs favorable conditions to lay eggs and to come out as they forage for food. That places your home at risk of bug infestation. Hence, you need to ensure that your home is proof of insects by carrying out pest prevention measures.

Common Insect Invaders of Springtime

According to a report by the Technical and Regulatory Affairs for the National Pest Management Association, there are three types of insects that cause nuisance during spring in Forsterburg, IL. They include:

Ants. These usually remain dormant during the winter season. They lay low under mulch, rocks, and landscaping. You may also find them indoors near insulating fixtures.

Termites. These crawlers are culprits when it comes to wood destruction. They are active during all seasons but come out during spring to mate and establish new colonies. They often build mud shafts that emerge from the floor.

Flies. These bugs usually disappear during the winter cold, but start moving and flying again when spring comes.

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Pest Prevention Control Measures

With pests, it is a matter of being proactive and curbing the invasion before it culminates into an infestation.

Your best bet for having a bug-free home is to create an insect control plan that anticipates spring invasions by common pests in your area. That involves occasional inspections and taking preventative action plans. A professional pest exterminator understands the thriving conditions for insects. Therefore, they can offer inspection and extermination services adhering to effective and eco-friendly standards.

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How to Exterminate Pests

Pest extermination techniques may seem daunting, but not anymore. Here are a few tips for exterminating bugs from your home.

We’ve seen most ads about bug barrier products that involve spraying an insecticide around the perimeter of your home in a bid to kill insects and bugs. The effectiveness of this method depends on the concentration of the insecticide and the timeline within which you sprayed. That means you need to spray the barrier frequently to ensure the chemical remains fresh enough to kill flyers and crawlers.

Insects can find their way into your home through the tiniest cracks and openings. That makes the under-frame spaces on the windows and doors a leeway for crawling bugs. That said, ensure you seal off these areas and install screens on the apertures to deter pests from accessing your home.

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