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Silverfish 101 in the Highland Illinois Area

Silverfish Highland IL

What are Silverfish? 

There are so many different types of insects that crawl and fly around during the summertime. With all of the different kinds of insects, there may be some that you may have never known what are. One could commonly be a silverfish. Do you think that you have ever seen a silverfish? They may be crawling around your Highland Illinois home right this moment. If you may feel that you are seeing this different kind of insect crawling around, continue ready our tips on identifying them.  

Silverfish Appearance


Silverfish have very soft, scaly bodies. They are very distinctive if you do find them crawling around your home. The silver scales that are found on their body could easily rub off if you touch them. They are silver or brown, and as their name suggests, they do have silvery-gray scales that cover their entire body. They also have no wings like different types of insects. These specific types of bugs can also crawl fast due to them not having wings.

Silverfish Appetite

Silverfish love anything with flour or starch. They will find anything with carbs such as dropped cereal or bread crumbs. Another thing that they are attracted to is glue, especially wallpaper glue. They also enjoy wheat flour, paper products, cleansing tissue, cellophane, and so on. There are many different types of food or nonfood that they will get into. 

Where Do You Find Them? 

The expected lifespan of a silverfish is up to three years long. These different pests are common in almost every attic. They love to stay in the dark, protected areas under the insulation and behind the walls, then come out in light areas. With these bugs being addicted to different food sources, they will stay as close as possible to them.

Why Should You Get Rid of Them?

Silverfish control

Silverfish are insects that you shouldn’t be ignoring. These bugs nibble on the different edges of many types of paper its products, glue in book bindings, and wallpaper. These various insects will tear through what they can, especially if they get into your home.  If silverfish have gotten into your home, IMEL is the team for you. Call our company today for us to send our highly trained team to get any insect job done.

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