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Removing Carpenter Bees From your Jerseyville, IL Home

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The pollination that Carpenter bees provide cannot be understated. However, these insects can make their nests inside the softwood on your property. Depending on how many are around your property, they can cause extensive amounts of damage. Here we will be providing some information you may want to know on how to get these bees away from your Jerseyville, IL home.

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Why Do Carpenter Bees Damage Wood?

Carpenter bees create holes in wood that they use to lay their eggs in the spring and then take shelter in during the winter. The “galleries” left behind by these bees look small on the outside but can be much deeper on the inside. Their nests tend to follow a straight line through the entrance, then after a sharp turn, it leads to their chambers. Female carpenter bees tend to enjoy returning to previously constructed tunnels each year and then they will enlarge them if needed. This can cause damage to the wood over time. You will know you have a carpenter bee infestation when you notice a quarter-inch opening in your wood with a yellow substance around the opening. If you notice carpenter bees flying threatening around your property, it could be males protecting a nest.

Using Pesticides

Large-scale infestations may require the use of pesticides to stop. This is, however, not that likely to occur since carpenter bees are more solitary than social. The use of pesticides can be effective when dealing with these insects though. Using pesticides in the early spring and through the summer can help qual a potential infestation before it occurs. Along with the many insecticidal sprays out on the market, there is also dust that can be applied to the wood which can also stop the infestation and stop surviving larvae from continuing the infestation. Make sure to wear protective equipment, use the right tools, and follow the directions when using pesticides.

Natural Methods

If you do not wish to use pesticides to stop carpenter bee infestations on your Jerseyville, IL property, other methods can be used to stop them. There are many different non-lethal bee traps you can use to capture these pests. If you are looking for a fun way to get rid of them, you can also repel them with constant loud noises. Just play your favorite music as loud as you can, and they will be on their way out. Just don’t upset your neighbors. If you prefer a simpler approach using strong-smelling liquids like vinegar can repel them off your property.

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Methods of Prevention

Even after dealing with a carpenter bee infestation, it’s important that you still take further preventative measures to stop any future carpenter bee infestations. The best time to work on defending your home from carpenter bees is in the spring. Make sure that you plug any of their galleries using caulk, putty, or any other plug. Make use of hardwoods over softwoods. Also, be sure to cover any exterior openings in your home with caulk for those smaller crevasses. You can also repel bees by simply painting your wood.

If you have a carpenter bee infestation and need help eliminating them off your Jerseyville, IL property, call our extermination experts at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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