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Pest Facts: Difference between Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

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Pest Facts: Difference between Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

You Need to Know Your Bug Infestation

Knowing the exact nature of a bug infestation is essential for ensuring an effective and efficient response. Unfortunately, distinguishing between species such as bed bugs and dust mites can be a severe challenge, meaning that interested individuals might want to read up to maximize their chances of success in this regard.

What Are Some of the Differences Between Bed Bugs and Dust Mites?

Here are some of the most important differences that can be used to distinguish between bed bugs and dust mites:

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Physical Appearance

There are some superficial similarities between bed bugs and dust mites when it comes to their looks. However, these similarities can be very misleading, seeing as how bed bugs are small but visible insects, whereas dust mites are microscopic arachnids. As such, if someone can see the pest with the naked eye, the chances are that it isn’t a dust mite.


Speaking of which, bed bugs and dust mites have very different diets. Generally speaking, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans, though they are opportunistic enough that they have been known to feed on other mammals such as cats and dogs as well. In contrast, dust mites survive on the dead skin shed by humans regularly.


Both bed bugs and dust mites love to live on beds because of the proximity to their favorite food source. However, bed bugs prefer crevices and other locations where they can hide, whereas dust mites are more willing to linger out in the open on cushions, mattresses, and pillows. On the whole, dust mites are so widespread that they are more or less ubiquitous, whereas bed bugs are spreading to more and more locations but still fall far short of that particular standard.

What Can You Do About Your Bug Infestation?

Harmful Effects

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease from one human to the next. However, bed bug bites can be unpleasant, particularly when the victim has been bitten multiple times. Meanwhile, dust mites are either harmless or next to benign on their own, though their excrement can cause serious allergic reactions in certain individuals under certain circumstances.

What Can You Do About Your Bug Infestation?

There are clear differences between bed bugs and dust mites. As such, when someone calls pest control to handle the bug infestation, they can call in the service for their particular problem. These pest controls should provide you with the best results as well as the most peace of mind.

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