Pest Control: Insect Health Hazards to Know About

During our daily activities, we all have encountered insects. Whether a particular kind of insect has invaded your homestead, or it might be a place away from home, they seem to be almost unavoidable. Weather seasons can cause an increased invasion of insects. But have you ever thought of the implications they have on your health?

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Well, insects are harmful since they adversely affect your body. Understanding these effects can help you single out harmful insects in Bethalto, IL, and hence take necessary precautionary measures.

Here is a highlight of some of the common health risks associated with insects.

Allergy From Bites and Stings

Most insects will bite you when they land on your skin usually as they protect themselves or try to feed on you. For instance, mosquitos and bedbugs will bite you so that they can suck blood. Other insects will sting you when you interfere with them. Usually, most people will develop allergic reactions to such stings and bites. You might probably develop reactions such as swollen sore, wheezing, or worse still, anaphylactic shock. Some insects will cause allergic reactions without stinging but just by coming into contact with the skin, for example, cockroaches and dust mites.

Development of an Infection

When insects bite or sting you, they usually leave an opening on your skin. If not instantly, you might feel itchy, and if rough, you might end up hurting the skin by opening it up. Such an opening becomes a possible entrance for germs and bacteria. Eventually, you might develop a severe infection if they find their way onto your body. Besides, you might develop bacterial skin infections such as boils and cellulitis, among others. Some other insects such as mosquitos transmit malaria; flies transmit cholera, among others.


Insect infestation can be stressful, especially when the rate is extreme. For instance, when mosquitos invade your house, they might cause sleeplessness at night. Eventually, you may develop emotional due to a lack of sleep. Other insects such as bedbugs also bite at night, disturbing you from sleep. Stress leads to severe health conditions such as high blood pressure among other chronic diseases.

Remedy to Insect Health Hazards

The ultimate solution to insects is by eradicating them. Several companies offer pest control services to clients by deploying various killing mechanisms. You can find out about such companies and identify a reliable one thence hire them for these services.

Harmful insects can pose significant health hazards to you. Do not ignore the harm that can be caused by these minute creatures. Remember that a mosquito kills more people annually compared to an elephant!