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Keeping Stink Bugs Away from Your Home In Granite City, IL or Pontoon Beach, IL

Stink bug removal Granite City, IL
remove stink bugs from home Pontoon Beach, IL

As the weather gets colder outside in Granite City, IL, and Pontoon Beach, IL, many pets will be searching for refuge in people’s homes for warmth. One of the most annoying pests to have infesting your home are Stink bugs. These flying insects are not only creepy to look at but can produce a foul-smelling odor when threatened. Thankfully, there are some ways you can deter these pests from your home. Here we will be discussing some ways you can keep theses pests away from your home.

Using Essentials Oils

One of the easiest ways you can scare away stink bugs in your home in Granite City, IL, or Pontoon Beach, IL is by making use of essential oils. Oils such as mint will not only give off a nice aroma in your home, but it will also keep the stink bugs away as they absolutely hate the smell.

Blocking Entry Ways

An effective way to stop stink bugs from getting into your home in the first place is by sealing any entryway the have into your home. Cracks in your doorways or broken screens on doors can provide them an easy way to get into your home. You can seal holes or cracks using caulking. Sealing off their points of entry into your home is the best way to stop infestations before they even happen and prevent any future infestations.

stink bug infestation pontoon beach IL

Vacuuming Stink Bugs

If the stink bugs have gotten into your home, you can vacuum them up to get rid of them as squashing them will cause them to produce the foul smell they are infamous for. When you are vacuuming up the pests, you will need to be sure that you act quickly as they will start to produce their smell in the bag. Once you have sucked up all the stink bugs, you need to either seal up the back as tightly as you can or before you do that you need to put the bag with the bugs still inside in soapy water which will kill them.

These are not the only ways of stopping stink bugs from invading your home in Pontoon Beach, IL, or Granite City, IL. If you have any questions on how you can get rid of these pests in your home or need assistance doing so, give our team of expert exterminators at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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