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Keeping Spiders Away From Your O’Fallon, IL Home

Spider Web

If you are noticing different spider webs in your O’Fallon, IL home and getting frustrated fear not. These don’t last forever and there is a way to get rid of them. A spider’s web can be very annoying and feel like they’re impossible to get rid of once you start cleaning them up and noticing them all around your home. If you are wanting to know more about how to clean up these pesky webs, then continue reading on.

Spider Infestation

Even with their many benefits, spiders have picked up a bad reputation over many years. When you think of a spider, people will typically associate them with spooky seasons, poisonous bites, and other unpleasant things. Some people also have an actual fear of them by just their sight.

Removing a Spiders Web

Believe it or not, spider webs are pretty easy to remove. If you are wanting to remove a spider web, you will simply need a broom or a vacuum with a hose attachment to get the job done. Once you have what you need to get rid of the spiders, you can simply remove the spider web. With that, that’s all that there is to it!

Figuring out how to remove spider webs, however, can be the tricky part. For example, you could run into trouble if you are trying to clean a web off of your ceiling. Spider silk is very strong and very sticky. This makes it difficult to remove the silk from certain types of areas. If you run into this situation, feel free to use duct tape with the sticky side facing out to get the job done. If you’re using a broom, it is better to gently lift the web off rather than trying to sweep it off.

How to Keep Spiders Away

Most spiders aren’t out to get humans. When it comes to spiders, you have to remember that you are in fact a lot bigger than they are, so their first instinct is not to attack you. In most certain cases, spiders only bite if you threaten or trap them. This might occur when you do something like reach for a coffee filter and unintentionally stick your hand into the web they have spun in your cabinet.

Something that most need to remember however is that spiders are very beneficial in that they will eat a lot of insects that do annoy humans. Most people would do as much as swat them with a newspaper or shoe, however, taking a cup and covering the spider, and walking it away from your home will simply do the trick.

Pest Removal

Preventing Webs in the Future

It can be one thing to get rid of prisoners and their existing webs, but you need to know how to get rid of them for future reference. You’ll need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, seal your cracks and windows, and keep your space organized and clear. Also, make sure to turn off any lights in areas you aren’t using since insects do attract light.

If you are wanting to know more information about spiders, or need to book an appointment to get rid of them, give our team at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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