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Keeping Animals Out of Your Granite City, IL Homes Crawl Space

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Something that may seem a bit uneasy is wondering what is going on in the crawl space of your Granite City, IL home. Even if you cannot hear or see anything that is happening, there may be some unneeded attention that has found its way into your home’s crawl space. Pests that you could possibly find in your crawl space could range from chipmunks, rats, and mice, to possible destructive insects like bugs and termites. If this has gotten your attention and you want to know the best way to take care of this potential problem, we have the solutions for you. Continue reading on to find the best possible answer that you can find, and keep your home’s crawl space pest-free.


Whatever living thing is in your crawl space, it will most likely gnaw, chew or eat its way to find itself into your home, following any air ducts, pipes, or electrical wiring. Like any living thing, the reason that they are trying to get into your home is to find shelter from the outside world, and possible food that they could be smelling. For insects similar to termites, they are trying to find a food source from any wood that they can get their hands on. There are many different ways to prevent them from coming into your home, and we have some examples for you. Changing your landscaping or making sure that it is maintained, sealing any crawl space openings, controlling moisture, or even putting up food from you or your pets are the best methods of solving these issues.

Does My Home Have a Crawl Space?


This might be a question you are facing so fear not, we have the answer for you. You would probably already know if your home does have a crawl space, some of the most common types of houses that do feature one may include any prefab homes, modular homes, or any older homes. Modern homes do lack crawl spaces. If your home does have one, it could extend beneath the entire floor plan of your house and is more likely than not to be accessible from the outside. In certain cases, your crawl space may only be extended below part of your house, especially if your home is built on a grade or has a partial basement.

No matter what, our team at IMEL Pest Control understands that finding pests in your home, or under your home is a very unpleasant feeling. If you need more information or help on getting rid of pests you’ve already found, continue reading on!

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