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Interesting Facts about Spiders in Edwardsville, Illinois


According to research, the fear of spiders is on the top list of the biggest fears that people tend to have. What those don’t know about these arachnids, other than how scary they look, is the different things that they do on a daily basis. We may think of them as horrifying guests in our homes, but knowing their different benefits might lessen your fear of them. If you want to know interesting facts about these creatures, and their lives somewhere like Edwardsville, Illinois, continue reading on!


Silk Producers

When you’re in an area of your home that you maybe haven’t been to in a while, or kept up as much as you hoped, you may see something that a spider has carefully created. This is a web, and spiders produce silk to make these webs. All of them have silk but some can produce up to seven different types of silk! These are made for webs and catching their prey.

Spiders are Nearsighted

When it comes to the sight of a spider, they are all nearsighted. Most spiders apart from a few have eight eyes in total. Even with all of their eyes, spiders can’t see that far in the distance. Nearsightedness isn’t as big a problem to spiders as it would be to humans. The reason for webs as we talked about before helps with this problem. They simply wait for their prey to get caught and go in for the attack.

Female Spiders can lay up to 3,000 eggs

When it comes to a female spiders, they are one tough super mom. However, with laying all those eggs, spiders do differ when caring for their young. Some will die shortly after laying their eggs, and some will care for them while they are young. It just simply depends on the type of spider that is laying the said eggs.

Spiders are amazing Jumpers


The last thing we’d like to share with you about spiders is their crazy ability to jump. These arachnids are known for jumping 50x their own length. This can be from their legs or even the fluid in their bodies. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to face a spider in a jumping competition.

Have more questions about spiders? We’d love to answer them! Give us at IMEL Pest Control a call today! If you have been seeing these creatures in your home don’t panic, we are happy to help you clear them as safely as possible!

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