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Insects in Troy, IL That May Look Like Bed Bugs

bed bugs

One bug that has many different look-alikes in the Troy, IL area is indeed a bed bug. People can get rather confused about some bugs that look just like them. When it comes to bed bugs, there are things you should be aware of and careful about when dealing with them. If you are however seeing bugs in your home, but now not sure if they are in fact a bed bug or not, we have you covered. Continue reading on to see what types of bugs these pests could be if you are not sure if they’re bed bugs or not.


The Book Louse

The common booklice are sometimes mistaken as bed bugs. They do not transmit any diseases such as a typical bed bug which is a great sign. When it comes to a normal bed bug, they can track many different diseases. With that in mind, however, these bugs can be very annoying to the common house owner. They are also present in large numbers. These booklice can be found in cereal boxes and also moldy food grain areas. One of the best ways to get rid of these bugs is to have your home treated. They prefer moist and warm areas, so please be careful of this.

Bat Bugs

Bat bugs are known to be one of the most commonly mistaken insects to look like bed bugs. This is because they are a close relative of the bed bug. The name comes from their infestation around bat nests and abandoned buildings. Eventually, these bugs will move to human populations. This is because, like the bed bug, they do feed off of human blood. The good news to this however is that these bugs die off in the absence of blood to feed off of. This is a huge difference from a bed bug since they can survive for months on end without feeding.

Spider Beetle

spider beetle

The Spider Beetle is very similar in appearance to a bed bug. However, they are totally different. These bugs, unlike bed bugs, do not bite humans or drink blood to survive. If you see these bugs, you will not need to panic as much as you would with a bed bug or find bite marks on your body as you would for the other bugs. These bugs are the most active at night and during the day they will hide in cracks as well as food areas.

These are some of the most common insects that look just like bed bugs. If you are noticing any of these insects crawling around your home, the best thing to do is not panic. We recommend calling our team at IMEL Pest Control for the help that you need.

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