Common St.Louis Metro-East Area Pests

At Imel, we treat for a wide variety of pests that threaten your family, property and dwellings. Whether you want to avoid the onslaught of wasps and hornets when you work outside or you’ve noticed a colony of ants that have found easy access to your kitchen, it’s good to know that Imel is only a call away. Using the latest in detection, eco-friendly pest treatments and prevention technologies, know that a visit from Imel Pest Control will keep your home or business building and property safe and sound.

Illinois Pest Identification –
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eastern subterranean termites edwardsville il
Latin Name:Reticulitermes flavipes
Length:3.2 mm long
Color:brown to reddish-brown

This is the most common type of termite found in this area. They often build mud-colored tubes to travel between colonies and food sources. Once inside a home, they can feed on the home’s structure, furniture, etc.

carpenter ants collinsville il
Latin Name:Camponotus
Length:6.4 – 25.4 mm long
Color:brown, reddish-brown

This species of ant is dark to reddish-brown and usually makes its home in decaying wood. However, if you notice piles of sawdust and haven’t been sawing anything, you may have a carpenter ant problem.

pavement ants alton il
Latin Name:Tetramorium caespitum
Length:2.5 – 4 mm long
Color:dark brown, blackish

The name for this species of ant is derived from where they live – in the pavement of sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Ant treatments can prevent these little guys from damaging the pavement at your home.

house ants granite city illinois
Latin Name:Tapinoma sessile
Length:1.6 – 3.2 mm long
Color:dark brown, black

These can be dark brown or black, and they like to hang around food and water. They may nest in walls, or crevices in your home.

pharaoh ants fairview heights il
Latin Name:Monomorium pharaonis
Length:1.6 – 3.2 mm long
Color:brown, yellowish-brown

Yellowish-brown in color, these will make a nest pretty much anywhere, but prefer areas near food and water, and may use utility lines hidden in walls as a means of travel.

brown-banded roach troy illinois
Latin Name:Supella longipalpa
Length:12.7 – 38.1 mm long
Color:light brown

This species of cockroach is only found inside, and they prefer warm and dry places. They’ll feast on almost anything and are rarely seen during the day. Cabinets, closets, drawers, and other dry places may be a place for these cockroaches.

german cockroaches edwardsville il
Latin Name:Blattella germanica
Length:12.7 – 19 mm long
Color:tan, brown

In color it varies from tan to almost black and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the rponotum running from behind the head to the base of the wings.
Although the German cockroach has wings, it can barely fly, although it may glide when disturbed.

oriental cockroaches collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Blatta orientalis
Length:up to 25.4 mm long
Color:dark brown, black

Also known as the waterbug, this is a large species of cockroach. It is dark brown or black in color and has a glossy body. Even though this cockroach has wings,
it is flightless.

american cockroaches alton il
Latin Name:Periplaneta Americana
Length:38.1 mm – 50.8 mm long
Color:reddish-brown, yellowish-brown

This cockroach is divided into three sections and, almost exclusively, active at night. One of the fastest insects, you may catch a quick glance when you turn on the lights to a dark room. These creatures move indoors when the weather gets cold in search of shelter and warmth.

dont kill honey bees granite city illinois
Latin Name:Apis mellifera
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:black, yellow, brown

The bodies of these bees may be light-brown to black with yellow striations. Honey bees are vital to healthy ecosystems and serve as pollinators for all sorts of flowers and plants, and they use pollen to make honey. Nests are often built in trees but may be found in chimneys or attics. WE DO NOT KILL OR TREAT FOR HONEY BEES!

hornets fairview heights illinois
Latin Name:Dolichovespula maculata
Length:up to 19 mm long
Color:black, white stripes

Mostly black with white or yellow markings depending on the species. Their large, tear-dropped shaped nests are made in trees, shrubs, or even attached to buildings.

yellow jackets troy il
Latin Name:Vespula maculifrons
Length:12.7 – 19 mm long
Color:black, yellow

Black and yellow banded flying insects that make their nests in many of the same places hornets do, which includes trees, shrubs, and human-made structures.

wasps edwardsville illinois
Latin Name:Polistes spp)
Length:up to 19 mm long
Color:black, yellow, brownish-red

These long and slender flying insects retain an orange to brownish color and build their nests on the underside of roofs and ledges. Nests are umbrella-shaped with a honeycomb pattern on the bottom.

bumble bees collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Bombus
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:black, yellow stripes

Bumblebees are also beneficial due to their pollination of flowers and plants. However, this species of bees is known to be aggressive, with one of the most painful stings of any flying insect. Nests are many times found in soffit, fascia, attics, etc.

sweat bees alton il
Latin Name:Dialictus zephrum
Length:up to 12.7 mm long
Color:black, metallic green/blue

These tiny bees are attracted to the salt in sweat – hence sweat bees – and there are about 1000 species of sweat bee in North America. They live in underground nests in bare, dry dirt and can be removed simply by covering dirt with vegetation, mulch, landscaping, etc.

mud daubers granite city illinois
Latin Name:Sceliphron caementarium
Length:25.4 – 38.1 mm long
Color:black, yellow

These wasps are black and yellow banded, and they build nests in sheltered locations out of mud that’s found by bodies of water (pools, lakes, ponds, etc.). Don’t get to close – they defend their nests aggressively.

blue mud dauber fairview heights il
Latin Name:Chalybion californicum
Length:19 – 25.4 mm long
Color:blue, shiny black

This wasp has a pinched waist, which makes body look stretched out. They can be identified by their color (blue/black), and males cannot sting. Females sting, but this is rare.

cicada killer troy illinois
Latin Name:Sphecius speciosus
Length:12.7 – 50.8 mm long
Color:black, yellow

These insects are mainly black and yellow, and many times are mistaken for huge bees. Actually, they’re a wasp that makes their nests under flowerbeds, flower boxes, under shrubs, etc. They can grow up to 2 inches long, but rarely sting unless threatened.

carpenter bees edwardsville illinois
Latin Name:Xylocopa virginica
Length:25.4 – 38.1 mm long
Color:black, yellow

These bees are yellow and black, with a fuzzy thorax, and will make their nests by boring holes into wooden structures. Pay attention for fresh sawdust around decks, carports, wood fascia, etc. Holes are about 1” deep and run 4-6 inches along the grain of the wood.

asian lady beetles collinsville il
Latin Name:Harmonia axyridis
Length:0.8 – 10 mm long
Color:yellow, red, orange, spotted

The Asian lady beetle is what is commonly known as the ladybug. Adorned with spots, this insect can devour and damage the leaves of many crops found throughout the Midwest.

convergent lady beetles alton il
Latin Name:Hippodamia convergens
Length:4 – 7 mm long
Color:yellow, red, orange, spotted

These beetles are quite similar in coloring to the Asian Lady Beetle. However, Convergent Lady Beetles are much larger, comparatively speaking, and feature white markings behind the head.

spotted cucumber beetles granite city illinois
Latin Name:Diabrotica undecimpunctata
Length:.25 – .75 cm long
Color:greenish-yellow, spotted

This type of beetle is a pest throughout North America and feeds on many popular crops, damaging their stalks and leaves. They are notorious for infesting crops of soybeans, cucumbers, cotton, beans, and even corn.

false bombardier beetle fairview heights il
Latin Name:Galerita bicolor
Length:17 – 25 mm long
Color:black, orange

These colorful beetles can be found a number of places including inside and outside the home. They usually wander inside during the cold months.

ground beetle troy illinois
Latin Name:Xylocopa virginica
Length:varies up to 25 mm long
Color:black, metallic

Ground beetles are black or dark brown in color, and they are attracted to bright lights and moist climates – they may enter your home during a hot, dry summer.

margined blister beetle edwardsville il
Latin Name:Epicauta funebris
Length:approx. 12.7 mm long
Color:black, gray

The blister beetle gets its name from a chemical that’s released when threatened – it can cause human skin to blister. Adults feed on plant-life including foliage and fruit.

japanese beetle collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Polpillia japonica
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:copper, green, metallic

This beetle can be highly damaging to a wide variety of plants and foliage. They’re most active from midsummer to early fall, and they feed in groups, which can cause a considerable amount of damage.

big dipper firefly alton il
Latin Name:Photinus pyralis
Length:approx. 12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:black, yellowish areas

These bugs light up the night during the summer and are caught by children everywhere. This is the most common species of firefly in North America. The Big Dipper is a flying and light-producing beetle with a light organ on the underside of its abdomen.

black firefly granite city illinois
Latin Name:Lucidota atra
Length:approx. 12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:black, yellowish, red

Black Fireflies are very similar and often mistaken for the Big Dipper Firefly. They have completely black wing coverings while other relatives have yellow edging on them. Additionally, the pronotum is round and yellow and extends over the head like a shield.

green june beetle fairview heights il
Latin Name:Cotinis nitida
Length:approx. 12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:brown, green, orange, yellow, metallic

These beetles are attracted to overripe fruits and the sap of some trees. They have the ability to severely damage trees and plants and are found in gardens, orchards, and other wooded areas.

may beetle troy illinois
Latin Name:Phyllophaga sp.
Length:approx. 12.7 – 38.1 mm long
Color:brown, reddish-brown

These beetles are commonly referred to as “junebugs” due to their high level of activity in the summer. Additionally, they’re attracted to light and are mostly active at night.

american oil beetle edwardsville il
Latin Name:Meloe americanus
Length:approx. 12 – 30 cm long

This is another type of blister beetle that can be harmful when it comes into contact with humans. These beetles do not fly and feed on vegetation.

boxelder bugs collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Boisea trivittata
Length:approx. 12.7 mm long
Color:black, black and orange

Mostly black with white or yellow markings depending on the species. Their large, tear-dropped shaped nests are made in trees, shrubs, or even attached to buildings.

weevils alton il
Latin Name:Curculionidae
Length:up to 6.4 mm long
Color:reddish-brown, black, reddish-yellow

These bugs can be identified by their snout, which is unique to these beetles. These small beetles are attracted to dry foods such as nuts, seeds, cereals, and grain.

human fleas granite city illinois
Latin Name:Pulex irritans
Length:2.5 mm long
Color:brown to reddish-brown

These tiny insects feed on the blood of their host organism, which could be dogs, cats, humans, etc. Additionally, they carry disease and may cause disease.

dog fleas fairview heights il
Latin Name:Ctenocephalides canis
Length:up to 1 mm

These tiny brown bugs are visible to the human eye and, many times, will enter the home on the back of a pet. These insects will manifest anywhere they can feed on a host.

cave crickets troy illinois
Latin Name:Rhaphidophoridae
Length:12.7 – 38.1 mm long
Color:light brown, dark brown, dark bands

These brownish creatures prefer dark, moist places and will find their way into your home when the weather becomes too hot and dry. Common places they’re found include basements, crawlspaces, plumbing, etc.

mole crickets edwardsville il
Latin Name:Gryllotalpidae
Length:25.4 – 50.8 mm long
Color:tan, brown, varies

These crickets may appear similar; however, mole crickets are larger, and they don’t hop like other species of crickets. These may be found around the outside of the home and prove a nuisance with their louder-than-normal chirping.

field crickets collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Gryllinae
Length:12.7 – 38.1 mm long
Color:black, red, brown

This species of cricket can range in color and only grows to about an inch in length. Additionally, they enter homes through cracks in doors, windows, and walls when outdoor conditions become unfavorable.

house crickets alton il
Latin Name:Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus)
Length:19 – 25.4 mm long
Color:yellowish-brown, dark bands

While house crickets prefer moist, warm weather, and usually live outside; they venture inside when the weather changes and can feed on the fabric of furniture, clothing, etc.

house spiders granite city illinois
Latin Name:Parasteatoda tepidariorum
Length:approx. 6.4 mm long

Also known as the American House Spider, these creatures feed on small insects. They live in close proximity to humans and are not aggressive – you probably don’t even notice that they are there.

wolf spiders fairview heights il
Latin Name:Lycosidae
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:light to dark brown

Wolf spiders do not hunt with webs and stay on or below ground level when inside and outside the home. They can bite; however, these are not aggressive creatures unless provoked.

brown recluse spiders troy illinois
Latin Name:Loxosceles reclusa
Length:6.4 – 19 mm long
Color:brown, grayish-brown

This is the most deadly spider known to roam the Metro East area. They can be spotted by a brown, violin-shaped mark on their back and prefer cool dark areas of the home. Seek medical attention immediately if bitten.

northern black widows edwardsville illinois
Latin Name:Latrodectus various
Length:approx. 12.7 mm long
Color:black, red

These are distinguishable by a black body with an hourglass-shaped red spot on the abdomen. These reclusive creatures reside out of sight and only attack when provoked. However, the venom is highly toxic, meaning you should be vigilant when working around piles of brush, dead wood, attics, closets and other dark places.

daddy long legs collinsville il
Latin Name:Opiliones
Color:dark brown, light brown

These arachnids resemble, but are not, spiders. They’re not harmful and prefer dark, moist environments. They also are not known to have any major effect on crops or vegetation.

bed bugs alton illinois
Latin Name:Cimex lectularius
Length:approx. 6.4 mm long

Bed bugs feed on blood and are found in furniture, mattresses, box springs, etc. Also, these creatures can travel in suitcases, duffel bags and live in small cracks and crevices that provide them access to humans.

brown marmorated stink bug granite city il
Latin Name:Halyomorpha halys
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long

These bugs live in trees and feed on fruit and vegetable crops. They make it into homes via doors, windows, and other small crevices. Additionally, they emit an odor when threatened, which is an easy way to identify them.

centipedes fairview heights il
Latin Name:Scutigera coleoptrata
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:yellowish-gray, brown

Centipedes typically live outside and feed on spiders, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, ants, etc. They like cold, moist habitats and will find a way into your home via the plumbing when the weather dictates.

millipedes troy illinois
Latin Name:Diplopoda
Length:2.5 – 4 cm long

These creatures are similar to, and quite a bit larger than, centipedes. Millipedes bodies feature a long body with two pairs of legs for each segment. Most millipedes can’t survive inside for more than a few days, but give off a fluid that can cause blistering on human skin.

clover mites edwardsville il
Latin Name:Bryobia praetiosa
Length:.75 – .85 mm
Color:red, brown

These tiny bugs are brown as adults and red when they are young. They like to gather around mold and other fungi that occur in damp places.

silver fish collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Lepisma saccharina
Length:12.7 – 25.4 mm long
Color:white, silver, gray, brownish gray

White to brownish-gray, these insects hang around in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, attics and basements and they prefer humid climates. They can be identified by three long bristles sticking out of the backend and two antennae.

sow bug alton il
Latin Name:Armadillidium vulgare
Length:approx. 12.7 mm long

More commonly known as “rollie pollies,” these bugs are actually crustaceans that have adapted to live on land, which is why you’ll mostly find them outside in dark and damp areas.

fungus gnats granite city il
Latin Name:Sciaridae
Length:approx. 3.2 mm long

These gnats are small and black with tiny clear wings. Fungus Gnats feed on moist, decaying material, and they might be the most annoying insects out there.

drain gnats fairview heights illinois
Latin Name:Psychodidae
Length:1.5 – 5 mm long
Color:light gray, tan

The body and wings of these flies are covered with hair, which gives them a fuzzy appearance. Similar to gnats, these are easily controlled with a fly swatter.

fruit flies troy il
Latin Name:Drosophilidae
Length:3 – 4 mm long
Color:light gray, black, red

This is what you think of when you say “housefly.” Fruit flies are attracted to sugary materials, and they can breed just about anywhere, which makes them hard to eliminate from a home.

sand flies edwardsville illinois
Latin Name:Phlebotamus
Length:approx. 3 mm long
Color:golden, brownish-gray

These tiny flies are often found outside in dark and moist places. Females use their mouth to feed on blood when producing eggs. This may be the culprit if you feel a biting sensation.

biting midge collinsville illinois
Latin Name:Ceratopogonidae
Length:1 – 2 mm long
Color:grayish, reddish when filled with blood

These tiny flies are often found outside in dark and moist places. Females use their mouth to feed on blood when producing eggs. This may be the culprit if you feel a biting sensation. Adults mostly emerge in the summer. Discomfort from a bit may persist for extended periods but is not severe.

horse flies alton il
Latin Name:Tabanidae
Length:10 – 30 mm long
Color:black, gray

These large flies are Found near bodies of water, you’ve seen a horse fly if you’ve been pestered by a loud-buzzing winged creature while enjoying the pool in the summertime. Bites can be incredibly painful.

deer flies granite city illinois
Latin Name:Chrysops
Length:6.4 mm long
Color:black, grayish, light brown

These flies are similar in size and appearance to the housefly, and they prefer to live around water. These insects carry diseases and may bite humans to feed on blood for the production of eggs.

stable flies fairview heights illinois
Latin Name:Stomoxys calcitrans
Length:approx. 6.4 mm long

Generally a lighter color than a housefly, these flies have elongated mouthparts that help deliver painful bites. Bites may occur around ankles, legs, etc.

black flies troy il
Latin Name:Simulium spp
Length:1 – 5 mm long
Color:black, dark gray

These flies bite during the daytime and bites may be quite painful. Fortunately, you’ll only have to worry about black flies outside – they typically do not venture indoors.

cluster flies bethalto il
Latin Name:Pollenia rudis
Length:8 – 10 mm
Color:black, light gray, dark gray

Cluster flies are larger than common houseflies, and they seek warm environments to live in during the cold winter months. Their size causes them to be slower than houseflies, which makes them easier to control.

inland floodwater mosquitoes bethalto il
Latin Name:Aedes vexans
Length:6.4 – 12.7 mm long
Color:black, white

This species of mosquito lays its eggs offshore, and those eggs hatch when floodwater reaches them. They’ll feed on any large mammals and tend to spread diseases.

vector mosquitoes bethalto illinois
Latin Name:Culicidae
Length:6.4 – 12.7 mm long
Color:gray, white, silver, green, blue

These mosquitoes can breed in any form of stagnant water. Like any other species, the females feed on human blood for the production of eggs.

asian tiger mosquitoes bethalto il
Latin Name:Aedes albopictus
Length:2 – 10 mm long
Color:black, white, white stripe

These mosquitoes are easily recognizable by a white strep that runs down the abdomen and thorax. They usually feed during daylight hours when they are most active.