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How to Tell You Have Rats in Your Yard in O’Fallon, IL

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For many living in O’Fallon, IL, one of the most frighting and annoying pests you can have living in your yard in O’Fallon, IL are rats. Having a rat infestation in your yard can be a big problem as they can invade your home once it has gotten too cold for them to stay warm outside. They chew up furniture, leaving their droppings everywhere, steal food, get into garbage, and can even attack you or your pets when threatened. The best way of dealing with rats is to get rid of them before they make It into your home. Here are some signs you have rats living out in your yard.

Where Do Rats Nest Outside

Rats will typically make burrows by digging holes in your yard, somewhere where there is either foliage or grassy areas to hide in. They can make their burrows in your garden, behind your home or shed, or by your planters. A rat’s burrow will contain an underground tunnel around 3 feet long. Not all rats will burrow, they can also set up nets anywhere that will keep them safe from any predators and will keep them warm. They can nest in any outdoor clutter you have like wood or foliage.

Signs of Rats in Your Yard

The sneaky and careful nature of rats can make them hard to detect. You are not likely to find the running around in your yard in broad daylight. Rats, however, can leave a number of signs of their presence in your yard. Be on the lookout for any gnaw marks, fresh droppings, active burrows, or clutter of vegetation or garbage around your yard. These are all telltale signs that rats are making your yard their playground, and sooner or later they might just make your home their winter vacation spot.

Getting Rid of A Rat Infestation in Your Yard

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The most important thing you do as soon as you realize you have rats in your yard in O’Fallon, IL is to take steps to eliminate them and deter any more rats from living in your yard. Be sure you set up traps and take action to eliminate the current rats. To stop rats from coming back in the future, be sure you keep your yard clean of trash and clutter. Keep your vegetation and foliage trimmed. Also, be sure to patch up any rat burrows you find.

If you are having trouble eliminating rats from your O’Fallon, IL yard, give our team of expert exterminators at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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