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How to Tell if Termites Are Making a Meal of Your Home

Signs of termite infestation

How to Tell if Termites Are Making a Meal of Your Home

Termite control is critical in Hamel, IL, where an infestation can occur easily. Termites are pests that damage the wood. Many times, they are hard to notice because they live outside of the structure or deep within it, making it hard for you to spot them. However, a termite infestation is one that requires proper treatment. Without it, the termites can cause significant structural damage to your property.

termite tunnels

Signs of a Termite Infestation

It’s always a good idea to have a pest control company provide a full inspection of your home at least one time a year. This can work as both treatments for any type of infestation present, as well as prevention. You can also turn to a team for help if you spot any of the most common signs of termites. Those include the following.


One of the most common signs of termites is tunnels. These tunnels, which look like they are made of sawdust or dirt, can lead from your home out into your yard. Sometimes, they are evident in the home as well.

Flying Termites

Most people don’t notice termites until they begin to fly. Flying termites are called swarmers. These insects have left the next to mate, and often to create a new colony. If you’re noticing them, chances are good there’s an infestation nearby to your home. Look for winged termites that typically come out at night. You may also notice discarded wings. Once they find a mate, the termites lose their wings.

You See Them

Termites look a lot like ants, but they tend to be white or lighter in color. They can be about the same size as ants. In some cases, they appear more translucent in color. There are differences, for example, the mid-section of a termite is thicker than that of a traditional carpenter ant.

Wood Damage

You have an insect infestation if you have wood damage. This is one of the most common signs of a large problem requiring significant termite control. When the damage is evident, it’s likely the termites have been present for quite a while, and the colony is usually larger.

If you need termite control in Hamel, IL, it’s best to call a licensed team who can provide fast, reliable help. Imel Pest Management can offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate for you. Let our team help you determine if there are problems and the best solution for them.

termites eating wood

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