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How to Prevent Insect Infestation During Winter

how to prevent insect infestation during winter alton il

Winter Pest Control: Preventing Insect Infestation

When the cold weather hits during the winter here in Alton, IL, insects make their way into homes and businesses in the area, seeking warmth, water, and food. Once they get inside, it can be difficult to get them back out again, so it is much easier to just prevent them from gaining access in the first place. Before the weather starts to turn, there are steps you can take to secure your home against pests in the winter. Here’s what you need to do about preventing insect infestation.

insect infestation during the winter in alton illinois

Seal Off Any Access Points

Household pests are notorious for sneaking in through even the tiniest openings, so you’ll need to be vigilant about ensuring there is no way for them to get inside. Give the exterior of your property a thorough inspection, looking for any openings that could let them into your home. This includes loose seals around doorways, uncovered vents, and gaps in your eaves. Cover any openings with wire mesh, and seal small holes or cracks with caulk. Check periodically to ensure everything is still secure going forward.

Clean Up Your Yard

Roaches, spiders, and insects often hide in piles of junk around your yard, so take the time to finally get rid of those old toys, gardening tools and other debris that have built up over the years. If there is nowhere for pests to hide, they’ll seek shelter elsewhere, preferably away from your Alton home or business.

Secure Your Food

Pests have to eat just as we do, and they’ll eat just about anything they can find. Rather than leaving open food items, like cereal, crackers, and other snacks, in their boxes, transfer them into airtight containers after opening. This way, the aromas of the food won’t be able to reach pests, making them less likely to invade your pantry. Do your best to clean up any crumbs or spills as quickly as possible to avoid attracting insects.

insect control during the winter in alton illinois

Call Our Pest Control Company

Sometimes even your best efforts aren’t quite enough to keep insect infestations at bay during the winter. If you are concerned about pest activity on your Alton property, get in touch with the pest control experts here at Imel Pest Control right away. We’ll treat your home or business to protect against insect infestations, and we will come back as needed to keep pests under control. It all starts with a free consultation, so get in touch with our team today!

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