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How to Insect-Proof the Outside of Your Home for the Belleville Winter

insect proof your house in belleville il

How to Insect-Proof the Outside of Your Home for the Belleville Winter

Pest control services in Belleville, IL are in high demand during the winter months of the year. A new type of pest infestation occurs as insects and rodents scurry to seek shelter from the cold. If you want to keep the pests out of your home, there are things that you can do to make the outside of your property free of insects and vermin. In fact, pest prevention is the alternative to hiring pest control to take care of the problem that could potentially worsen in size. Learn how to insect-proof your home in order to get prepared for the winter.

Tips on how to insect-proof the outside of your home for the Belleville winter include:

sealing your home is a great way to insect-proof your home belleville illinois
  • Closing up entryways into the home. Insects and rodents enter through cracks, gaps, and holes. If you notice that there are visible signs of damage to your property’s siding, foundation, or even window screens, it’s time to take charge and get those problem areas fixed. Doing so prevents insects and vermin from entering the home from the outside.
  • Remove all sources of standing water. If snow has melted in buckets or birdbaths, make sure to dump them regularly to keep bugs from gravitating to the water. It’s where many insects lay their eggs and that means that as long as there is a place available to do so, you’ll have new insects hatching throughout the season. Don’t give the bugs a reason to hang around any longer than a second.
  • Cover all firewood or bring it into an indoor space. Insects love hanging out in your woodpile. It provides the perfect shelter for them as well as a source of food. You can easily prevent the problem from occurring by finding an alternative place to store your firewood. If you need to keep a large amount of cut wood on hand for your furnace or fireplace, you may want to keep it in a sealed shed way away from all the insects who want to make your yard their new home.

Pest prevention takes action on your behalf. By diligently removing potential causes of pests, you’re able to keep them out of your home during the cold weather months of the year. Your home will be entirely insect-proof, and you’ll have no need to contact pest control to take care of the situation for you. Unlike other years where you experienced pests, you won’t have any to deal with this winter.

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