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How to Identify Mouse Droppings in My O’Fallon, IL Home?

Mouse Droppings

Mouse droppings are a very clear indicator of where mice are the most active in your home. Unfortunately for homeowners in the O’Fallon, IL area, this can happen, especially during the colder months as pests are trying to escape the cold. In this blog, we mention how you can properly identify the waste products of mice.

Mice Infestation

Mouse Waste, what is It?

Mouse droppings usually measure approximately 3 to 6 mm in length. They are also commonly found in a granular shape and are black in color. A common mistake people make is that they think mouse droppings are rat or cockroach droppings, which is incorrect. The main difference is that rat droppings are in fact larger than mouse droppings, and that is due to the overall size difference between the two types of rodents. When it comes to cockroach droppings, they are often smaller than mouse droppings and have a more black pepper or ground coffee look to them.

Mouse droppings are usually concentrated near nesting and breeding grounds. However, they can still be found throughout the house from time to time. These droppings are also present near items that have been destroyed by the mice during their nesting process. This can include being found in cardboard boxes, invaded drawers, and near-damaged electrical wiring.

Are mouse droppings dangerous?

Rat Feces

These droppings can carry harmful bacteria, diseases, and viruses and should not be touched without proper sanitation equipment. This includes using protective gloves and an OSHA-approved respirator and functioning cartridges. A virus that is dangerous that can come from these droppings is Hantavirus. This is contracted through the inhalation of particles of contaminated feces, as well as ingestion or inhalation of an infected mouse’s saliva or urine. If droppings are disturbed, they are more likely to emit virus particles. This is why it is unwise to sweep or vacuum areas where feces have been found. Instead, pick up the droppings carefully and dispose of them in a plastic bag.

A mouse infestation can be a serious problem for your home. This is especially true as they can leave behind droppings that can contain harmful bacteria and viruses. If you believe that your O’Fallon, IL home has been infested by mice, give our team at IMEL Pest Control a call today! We will send a professional out to help get rid of the pests once and for all.

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