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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees in Alton, IL

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Carpenter bees are annoying pests that are known for destroying the wood around them in order to make homes. This also includes the wood on your home in Alton, IL. These bees look very similar to the common bumblebee, however, these bees are not as social. They are also not as aggressive as the male ones and will not sting, instead, they are known for giving headbutts whenever provoked. Despite these bees not seeming like a threat, they can still cause damage to your home and property and adult females can raise larvae which will bring even more carpenter bees around your home. Here we will be explaining some tricks you can try to remove carpenter bees around your home.

Painting Your House To Trick Carpenter Bees

If you have a carpenter bee problem on your property in Alton, IL, one of the best ways you can keep them away from your wood is to paint over it. Carpenter bees are more attracted to bare wood that has not been painted or stained in any way. By giving your wood a fresh coat of paint, you can deter them from borrowing in your hood. If you do not want to paint your wood, you could just apply a clear sealer on it.

Using Wind Chimes and Vibration

One thing that these pests hate the most is vibrations and loud noise.  While it would be convenient to hang up some speakers around your home and blast your favorite music to get them out, your neighbors would not like you very much. Instead, you should hang up some wind chines around areas you know the carpenter bees like to hang around. The sound and vibration of these chimes will keep them away.

Using Citrus Oils as Repellent

Carpenter Bees

A good way to keep not only carpenter bees away but also any other pests that try to mess with your home is by applying strong-smelling citrus oil. These bees will hate the smell so much that it will drive them away. You can spray the oil around parts of your home that they like to be around. You should also spray it inside of the holes they create, making them not want to return to them.

If you need any assistance getting annoying carpenter bees away from your property in Alton, IL, give our team of expert exterminators over at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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