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How to Detect a Flea Infestation in Your Collinsville, IL Home

flea infestation

The fleas your vet recently spotted on your cat or dog may only just be the tip of the iceberg. Your Collinsville, IL home may be the site of a possible flea infestation. What is a pet parent supposed to do? First things first, you need to figure out how these annoying pests invaded your home.

When a flea bites your ankles, this shows an obvious sign of a flea infestation. In many other cases, however, the signs of fleas in your home can be less apparent, especially if the infestation is still in the early stage.

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How to Detect Fleas on Your Family Pet

An obvious sign that you might have a flea infestation is if you find them on your pets. Make sure to check their fur, especially around the head, neck, and bottom areas. This is because these areas are targeted by fleas the most.

Areas that are reddened with some fur loss can be caused by a flea bite. This is true even if you do not see the insects themselves. You also may notice small, black dots that are a tell-tale sign that fleas are afoot as well. These are flea “dirt” also known as flea feces. Grab a damp white paper towel or cloth and wipe off those black dots. If you see red streaks on the towel, this is a large sign of flea dirt. If you do find fleas or signs of fleas, make sure to contact your vet right away to get their recommended treatment.

How to Know If You Have a Flea Infestation in Your Home

If your pet has fleas, an infestation throughout your home is not that far behind. Here is how to see if there are fleas already in your home.

Check Pet Beds

Flea eggs do not adhere to your pet’s fur, unlike the fleas themselves. This means that the eggs tend to fall off in places your pet may frequent. Your pet’s bed should be the place you first look, as well as any other spots your pet is allowed to sleep. This includes couches, chairs, or even your bed. Flea eggs are tiny, off-white-colored ovals that can be hard to see on any light-colored upholstery and rugs. To spot them you may need a magnifying tool to help you see them.

Look Over Carpeting & Hardwood Floors


Rugs can be a common place for a flea to lay its eggs. To see if there are any eggs, run your hands over your carpet carefully. Look between the fibers for eggs, as they are very small. Unless you have dark-colored carpeting, it can also be tough to spot them, so to help try using a magnifying tool.

If your home has hardwood floors, you are unfortunately not in the clear. Fleas will lay their eggs in the cracks between wood floorboards. Similar to carpeting, use a magnifying tool to assist you in searching them out.

If you believe that your home has a flea infestation, make sure to contact the professionals at IMEL Pest Control, and we will take care of the problem for you!

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